The First Thanksgiving

We got up early and watched the Macy's Parade.

I was very thankful these super cute pajamas still fit on Thursday.

Good morning!

Then we changed and watched a little more parade.
We had to see Snoopy!

Grandude wore this on Thanksgiving.

Jake's First Thanksgiving meal:
Sweet potoatoes, twice baked potatoes, and cranberry sauce.
He also enjoyed his meal in Uncle Josh's old high chair.
It's an '84!

Thanksgiving picture with Mama.

I love Uncle Josh!

Then Uncle Josh ate me. Again.

Then Jake taught U.J. how to use a Blackberry.

Then we had a concert.


With Great Grammy (my Grammy).

Mmmm... turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jake showed his Heisman pose to let us know it was time for some football!

We changed clothes to cheer on the Aggies!

Gig 'em Ags!

Grandude somehow did this in the toaster.

The day after Thanksgiving, Aunt Emily and Uncle Jack came back to say bye before leaving.

Jake was sick Friday, but still cuddled with Uncle Josh.

Saturday, Jake played all of his instruments.
The big table in front was his new
present from Uncle Josh! It's so fun!

This Year's Newest Toy

Get your very own special limited edition toy of the year...

The Jake-in-the-box!

Every kid will want one!

Get yours today!

(Thanksgiving pictures coming soon...)


I was peeling apples tonight to make some homemade applesauce. I pushed the peels into the garbage disposal and turned it on. It sounded like something was in there that shouldn't be. At first I thought it was a baby spoon, but it wasn't loud enough. I forgot about it for a few minutes and put more in the sink. When I went back to get it out the water was backed up, so I had to run it again figuring it would just finish chopping up the mystery item.
It still sounded like it was in there, so I got a flashlight and looked down in there and found this...

a COMPLETELY UNDAMAGED nipple. Despite going through two full runs of the disposal, it was as good as new. Way to go, Gerber Nuk nipples! (Gerber, you may now send me some free ones. Thank you.)

Finally... the High Chair

We finally got a high chair! Up to this point, I've been sitting on the floor and feeding Jake in his swing. It sits up straight and has a tray, but it was hard for him to try to feed himself. My mom said she was going to order us a high chair kind of as an early Christmas present. So she got it site-to-store at Wal-Mart and I picked up and set it up today. I think it's super cute.

Jake was excited about his new point of view.

See? I can pick up puffs now!

The Next Step Up

First bath in the sink: 4 days old

First bath in the big tub: 2 1/2 months old
when he didn't fit in the sink anymore.
(I didn't see the need or have the space for one
of those giant baby tubs. I got this $5 sponge thing
from Target and it's worked just great.)

First sitting up bath: 8 months old... tonight!

Experience the fun of water pouring over his head. He loved it.

The post-bath ritual: immediately eating his feet

He still pretends to be an airplane to balance sometimes.

Yummy clean fingers

Man Time

It was a football weekend around here.

Last night Pop came over to watch the Razorback game with Daddy. Jake decided to watch some too. As you can tell, only one of them was really interested.

Today Jake took my side of the bed and watched the Cowboys with Daddy for a little while so I could take a tiny nap.

Loungin' out.

I think they like each other.

Garage Saling

(Pardon the snot and drool. He's still sickish.)
I like garage sales. I've found good things before. But I'm not one of those people who gets up every Saturday at 6am to go to them. I get mad when I get to a sale at 11:00 and they're already closed. Especially when I made a special trip for it. Now that Jake is sitting up on his own and it's still 6 weeks until Christmas, I thought we needed to head out and look for some "floor toys". Today I found all of these and spend just $18. We have:
a taggie football that jingles
the drums that play music
phone and remote that play music
bead maze toy that plays music
story book butterfly that sings to you
stacking rings that play music
ball drop toy that plays music
and the xylophone.
Can you see a (noisy) theme here? I'll tell you that my back seat was very noisy on the drive home. I also got 6 Leap Frog DVDs for only $20. I was really excited about those.
Jake has already figured out the xylophone...

Eight Months Old!

Jake turned eight on Thursday.

Weird thing: The pants are 0-3 months (What?!) and the shirt is 3-6 months. He usually wears 6-9 months. Dumb baby clothes sizing.
P.S. The pants DO fit. It just didn't look like it in this picture.


This was the first month he didn't want to stay still.
Other than the hilarity of the one month pictures.
I still laugh every time I look at those.

The foot.

Recent happenings:

He will grab at everything now. Toys, necklaces, neck skin...

He had his first date with Lindsay, Brandie's baby.

"It's a laaaaaaady..."

He is in the extremely early stages of wanting to learn to crawl.
He has started moving his legs a little when on his stomach.
The other night he rotated himself 180 degrees.

He can feed himself a tiny bottle.
We're still working on figuring out the sippy cup.

He is finally big enough to fit in the doorway bouncer.

He had his first two sick baby visits to the doctor this month. Just after his seven month birthday and then again this week. He's doing better, but is still really stuffed up and has the same horrible cough that I have right now. It's a house o' fun around here.