Grammar Rant

I've talked about this before. But I'm doing it again because I just saw this article. Apparently England wants to eliminate the apostrophe because "they confuse people". My favorite quote from the article says "If I want to go to a restaurant, I don't want to have an A-level (high school diploma) in English to find it."

Honestly people. They're extremely simple.
Use an apostrophe:
To show possession on a singular word: (That is the dog's bone... The bone belongs to the dog.)
To show possession on a plural word or a word/name that ends in S: (All of the kids' lunches need to be made. OR I am going to the Sumners' house.)
To abbreviate "noun is" (Fred's going to the store... Fred IS going to the store.)

Do NOT use an apostrophe:
In a plural form of a noun (We are having taco's and burrito's for dinner. WRONG)
In a plural form an abbreviation (I have a lot of CD's. WRONG)
In possessive pronouns (Hers, ours, yours, and theirs do NOT need apostrophes. They already show possession.)
In a plural form of a number (I was born in the 1980's. WRONG)

Common Mistakes:
It's vs. its -
It's means "it is" such as "It's cold outside."
Its shows possession as in "The dog lost its bone." The word "its" already shows possession so you don't need to put an apostrophe.
Who's vs. whose -
Who's means "who is" such as "Who's coming over?"
Whose means "the one to whom it belongs" such as "Whose ball is this?" or "We need to know whose house we're going to."


It's Been Too Long (Part 2)

Continuing the catch up on Funny Things, here's part 2. There will be a part 3 at some point.

I wonder if this person is friends with this person I saw another day.

That is a really long title of something you can be a member of.

So what in the world is this door used for?

I wanna be one of those!

Extremely creepy dog with extremely disproportionate head hanging in Petsmart.

I knew "Ladies" was the plural of "Lady" but is "Mens" the plural of the already pluralized "Men"?

Excuse me?

But I wear my mask everywhere!

There are two of these people driving around Little Rock. The other one is HYM8NCE. I'm confused for a few seconds every time.

That's one way to get the votes! (That was 6:30 in the morning the day before the election.)

That is the largest Inflatable Purple Triceratops Telling Me To Go To A Church Carnival that I've ever seen. (Told you these were old pictures.)

Giant Mystery Box Driving Down The Freeway #1

Like cowboys? Or pants? Or that restaurant?

I'm pro-choice on bumper stickers.

In case you didn't know how to use hand sanitizer (or hanitizer as one of my 4th graders used to call it).

Lots of rules for the petting zoo at the fair. I like how "chronically ill" and "pregnant" are in the same category.

Watch out for that Canadian catfish! It'll get you every time!

And I wonder if this person is friends with this person I saw another day.

Apparently they were having a meeting of the Drivers of Black Suburbans Club at Walmart that day.


Don't drink and test your strength. Or use the mallet for other things. Be sure to look at the little cartoon drawings. The one on the left in the group on the right side (eh?) is funniest.

I saw a commercial for these crazy expensive weird Dyson hand driers once and wondered who in the world would buy them. Apparently the answer is Playtime Pizza in Little Rock.


Giant Mystery Box Driving Down The Freeway #2

I saw this Greatest DVD Ever at a consignment sale and am still wondering now why I didn't buy it.

I was not aware that Kroger was a verb. Now I know.

Follow up questions: How handy? Handy with what?

Do you think they'd come get our neighbor's dog? He's definitely a nuisance.

This changing table is for squids with human heads whose right arm is a baby's torso and head.

At least they're admitting it. ("SINNED")

Three Already!

Tomorrow is Alyssa Kate's 3rd birthday! We went to her party at her house on Saturday.

It was a Dora theme this year, because that's what she loves.

Yummy star cakes
The birthday girl with her cake.

Her friends came over and they got to do a pull-the-strings style pinata and take their candy home in their Dora backpacks they decorated. Creative idea, Candice!

Cake time!

Blowing out candles with Mommy.

Enjoying the cake.

All of the kids helped open the presents. These blue ones were the ones we brought. Everyone got to open one! :)

Caroline was there too, sporting her "Big Sisters Rock" shirt.

Their cat Tigger wasn't a fan of the crowd so found herself a place atop the furnace pipe on the roof.

Babies Don't Take Showers!

Last weekend (not yesterday) we went to Fort Worth for my shower at the church I grew up in. Here are probably way too many pictures...

The traditional Baptist girl church shower table... cake, nuts, colored mints, and punch...

...with an added bonus of a diaper cake made by one of my BFFs, Sarah Brooks, who couldn't be there but sent this greatness.

The cake up close.

The so-creepy-it's-cute sugar baby with a... backwards head?

Me and my momma aka Granna (I think that's the name she's finally settled on.)

With my aunt Emily

With my awesome roomies from college, Gillian and Erin!

I handed Gillian my camera to take pictures of the present opening and she started to have fun. Starting with a picture of Erin...

Then just my big belly...

Then her "artistic shot" which her husband says just looks like she's falling over when taking it. I like it Gillian. Don't let him say that to you. :)

I was excited to get my swing!

And obviously very excited about this book that builds a rainbow with ribbons as you turn the pages.

My mom always gets creative with presents. Here's the bag she made.

It's five presents in one!

The bags spelled out Jake's name!

The bags had three animals that match the bedding, a dalmatian ("because every little boy needs a dog"), and the adorable JAKE nameplate that she made. She also got the 6-piece crib bedding set, the crib mattress, the baby book, and some other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Gillian had the same idea as my mom. Each letter went with one gift. J for Jake's name plate (below), A for Album (photo album she made), K for Kleaning (she said "Just go with it" - it was the thing for cleaning baby stuff in the dishwasher), and E for Eating (a bottle). Genius, Gillian!

The precious name plate Gillian made!

My mom also did a great job wrapping the giant present from my Grammy.

It was the stroller/carseat!

The nursery decorations we got.

The clothes. I LOVE the little vest-and-tie business and the plaid shirt with corduroy khakis.

The LOTS of blankets!

The LOTS of stuffed animals and toys.

The useful stuff.

The shower was really fun and I love everything we got. However, we're still lacking a bunch of the really useful stuff like newborn/0-3 months clothes, sheets, towels/washcloths, etc. You know. All that stuff. If you feel like buying us something check out the registries. They'll tell you what we still need. :)