A Different Outcome

Remember the time a few weeks ago when we melted a plastic plate with a leaking popcorn bag? Well, this is what happens when two college educated people decide that the SECOND best idea for cooking a popcorn bag that appears to possibly have a hole in it is to put it on one of our glass plates: It explodes...

... into three large pieces, one small piece...

... and a bunch of tiny pieces.

Oh well. At least we have 11 more.

Songs Most Kids Don't Know

We listen to my iPod alot in the car driving to get (and waiting forever for) their sister, so the boys have learned some older songs. The last one is NOT my fault though. They knew it before I met them. I know. Highly inappropriate. They don't know its real meaning. The first one is my favorite mostly because of his rockin' out face he adds to it. And the surprise at the end. (He did it on purpose.)

Before and After

Yeah. I totally came up with this idea all on my own. Feel free to copy next year.

Favorite Pictures Part 3

I forgot to finish doing this. I started it a few weeks ago. Here are Part 1 and Part 2. These are just the rest of the pictures that I love that I've taken. Most of them are the dog and the niece.

Candice, my sister-in-law, and I took D and Alyssa Kate to the Big Dam Bridge a few weeks ago. I got some really cute pictures. Something about this one is just amazing to me. I don't know why.

She just looks so grown up in this picture.

This was on the beach next to Santa Monica Pier in 2005. It was pretty cold.

Jack and Alyssa Kate talking to each other. Love it!

This is what happens when you try to spell out "27" in candles and put them a little too close together. It was obviously very funny.

This was just a few days after we got him. So cute!

He looks like one of those big nosed dogs on cards.

This is hilarious to me!

I think was one of the first times they really met and spend time together.

Carving the thanksgiving turkey a few years ago.

Look at that vertical! Alyssa Kate is amazed!

I think this one has been on here before but it is SO worthy of being up again. Our neighbor kid called me over one day when I stepped outside... "Hey! Ashley! My frog likes cereal!" I was laughing for HOURS!

When my friend Sarah got married I became the unofficial photographer of everything. This is one of my favorite pictures I took.


...when you get back into town from Thanksgiving last week, the milk gets dropped outside the apartment and makes its way down the parking lot.

Hey look! I've had over 1,000 visits in two months! Yay! Thanks Sarah, Johnna, and Mom! And for those of you lurking out there not leaving comments, please say something. I'm curious who's reading and not saying anything. I know there must be a few of you. According to my Feed Stats, as of Tuesday I have SIX subscribers! That's the most I've ever had. I usually average 4. Who are you?

Funny Dog

Jack has always been a cuddler. He snuggles up next to me any time I'm lying on the couch. He LOVES my sweatshirt blanket and often claims it as his own if I'm not using it.

This is how he looked when I came in the room the other day. I love his little tail nubbin.

He peeked out from under it to see me.

On the way back from Thanksgiving, he got to ride in the front with me instead of in his box as usual because he was cold from getting out of the car in the 40 degree rain. He was chillin' in my sunglasses. (Notice the blanket again.)

When we got back home that night, he climbed up in my lap and nuzzled up UNDER my sweatshirt. It was crazy cute.

Then curled up on the pillow on my lap later. Cutie.


I got all of this for absolutely free at New York and Company. Thank you, day after thanksgiving coupons. I think I now have a slight understanding of how Pigs feels with all of her bargains.

It's About Time!!!

If you saw what I said last month, you know how much I love the Easter candy, especially the creme eggs. Well, for as long as I can remember (ask my mom) I've said that they need to make creme eggs for each month of the year. New Year Eggs, Valentines Eggs, St. Patrick's Eggs, Easter Eggs, Mother's Day Eggs, School's Out Eggs, Independence Eggs, Summer Eggs, Back To School Eggs, Halloween Eggs, Thanksgiving Eggs, and Christmas Eggs. Well it seems that somebody out there started listening as I got to the end of the list because guess what's been invented. Yep. CADBURY ORNAMENT CREME EGGS! Just like the original, but wrapped in red and sold at Christmas! Sweet cookies!

Jack's exited too!

And last year they started selling Christmas Mini Eggs too. Way to go, Cadbury!

Catching Up or 30 New Funny Things

Here are about a month's worth (or more) of funny pictures. Off we go!

Dedicated Sweetener Trailer? Meh?

When I think of Jack in the Box, I often think of Marilyn Monroe.

Don't forget my buddy!

That is a very permanent sign for a very temporary need.

Hurry! They just have one!

This van tells the truth!


Sometimes captioners don't know grammar.

Sometimes captioners type "coke bottle glasses" wrong.

Silly Super One Foods.

Where to begin... Stylish? Holiday? Fun? Cool? Nomad?

This is the creepiest Nativity set ever.

I wonder how they decided which words would be all capitalized and which would be lower case.

Violator's what? Legs possibly?

I really don't know what that means.

This sign is missing some punctuation or possibly clarity.

I don't think you're supposed to put a fact within the statement of a myth.
Also spell things right please, Little Rock Zoo.

For Health's Sake!

Funniest License Plate Ever!

Three weird cereals at the Kroger's:

This is just gross.

Maybe. Maybe not.


These road workers can't measure.

No, seriously. Can't measure.

Ok ok ok. I don't know why I didn't post these immediately after I took them. This was at the Arkansas State Fair. They had a shark tank. In the back of a semi truck. Yeah. Crazy stuff. I couldn't get over it. I felt so sorry for those guys.