I Love Old People

I only wish that I'd shown up at McAllister's tonight about 20 minutes earlier so that I could have listened to more of the couple at the table across from me. They were absolutely hilarious and adorable. They were probably 70 years old and appeared to be on a date (not married) from their conversation. Here are the highlights:

Old Man: (sits back, finished with food, watching Old Lady)
Old Lady: I wish I could eat faster. I don't have my bridge in.

OM: (hands OL mint wrapped in white wrapper that comes with meal) Do you want this?
OL: What is it?
OM: I don't know. Maybe a lozenge?
OL: (opens mint) Oh, it's a mint. I don't like mints. Do you want it?
OM: No.
OL: The only kinds of mints I like are the square pillow shaped ones. They're really soft... That's the only way they can ruin chocolate. By wrapping it around a peppermint.

OM: (stands up to help OL with jacket) I'm not rushing you.
OL: I'm still chewing.

OM: (helps OL put one sleeve on of her jacket)
OL: I can't find the other sleeve.
OM: (grabs OL's arm and pulls it up at a rather awkward angle to put it in the sleeve)
OL: Put the sleeve down. It's too high!

They were so funny! I would love to work around old people, if it weren't for all of the dying. So many of them are just so funny!

About That Cemetery

Remember the time I told you we have a cemetery behind our fence? I got asked a few questions about that tonight. There seems to be no church attached to it, so I don't know if it's still used. I told the people that I thought the cemetery was maybe only two houses wide. I got on Google maps and saw I was a little wrong:

It's not huge, but bigger than I thought it was. It's good to see that the other four houses that border it also have headstones directly behind their fences too. I have also been put on mission to find out how old this cemetery is. I have to find somewhere to park because I really don't want to walk that far or pole vault over the fence. As soon as I go, I'll be sure to get back to you and let you know. I'm sure pictures will be involved.

High Ambitions

Today while having school, we were doing Social Studies. One of the pages asked him to draw what he wanted to be when he grows up. Here's the conversation and what he drew:
Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
D: That's hard. I just haven't decided yet.
Me: Well, what would you like to do that would be really fun?
D: A video game person?
Me: That's not really a job.
D: Well, what about...

...working at Toys R Us! Sweet.

24 Weeks and First Presents

So for those of you who were wondering how I was going to hold a fruit/vegetable and hold up more than the number five, here's the answer:

24 Weeks aka 6 Months aka Corn-sized baby
(You can't buy corn right now at the store, and then my printer ran out of ink, therefore you get a printed picture of rainbow colored corn rather than the real thing.) Also, it's weird how very different the sunlight is in this picture than in all of the other pictures. Same time of day, same place, different sun. (Yes, I know the time changed, but one hour shouldn't make that much difference.)

So as soon as we found out that it's a boy, I went to Target and picked up a couple of things for him. I love Mommy and I love Daddy! :) And yes, we're wearing blue in honor of his boyhood.

His first gender-specific gifts. Friday night Candice (Jon's sister) gave us these adorable outfits that she went out and bought on Friday afternoon. They are both super cute, but I love the little longjohns with kneepads for a 0-3 month old!

Sunday Jon's dad gave us his first of many future Cowboys outfit.

Last week Boss Man was in College Station on business and came back Friday. He got out of the car and said "I guessed wrong," and handed me this. So freakin' cute! I was so sad because this was the sweetest thing he's done in the 16 months I've worked for them. I told him not to worry, because hopefully the next baby will be able to wear it.

24 Week FAQs:
Q: Do you have a name picked out yet?
A: Nope.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Still good. Thanks.

Q: Do you feel the baby moving?
A: Yes. It was general movement inside and random pokes like kicks, until this past week and especially the last few days when it's been a BUNCH of kicking. He was kicking me in the lower stomach area for the entire day Saturday. It wouldn't have been too bad except it was in the exact same place all day long.

Q: Is the nursery getting ready now?
A: Nope. I was waiting to find out gender and then will go looking at bedding at Thanksgiving with my mom and will work from there. I'll keep you updated.

We Finally Know!

Well we went to the doctor yesterday and finally got the long-awaited ultrasound! She squirted the goo on my stomach and asked "So... do you want to know what it is?" She got a quick response of "YES!" so she moved the camera dealie over to my side and KA-POW:

This is the very first thing we saw. No searching. No questions asked. There he is.
31.8% of you were right.
So she kept looking at everything else and made sure it looked good. It did. He was only one day off of the average size for where he should be, so that's good. (He's measuring 23 weeks 6 days at 24 weeks. Good job, kid.) After 15 minutes of looking at everything, he would never turn away from directly facing the camera, so instead of one of those cute little profile pictures like everyone else gets, we get this:

Little alien skull face baby. Isn't he so cute?! Looks like he's also raising his fist at us. "How dare you bother me? I'm busy playing soccer with a bladder here!"

We'd have other pictures and videos and stuff, but BOTH of the discs we took had nothing on them when we got home. I will try to go back and see if they can make another disc. Hopefully that will work, but for now we just have the few pictures they printed for us.
I know your next question is if he has a name. Answer: no. We'll let you know as soon as we decide. Check back in a couple of days to see my growth for 24 weeks. I seem to be getting bigger every day. It's great.

Field Trip

Today D and I had to pick up C and take him to meet his mom at the doctor. We had to stay in the area, so we went across the freeway to the Arkansas Capitol Building!

Isn't it pretty?

The view looking up from the bottom.

Looking over the ledge from the second floor.

A Texas flag! In the Arkansas Capitol!

We kept heading up. To upstairs. Which is apparently two words now.

Looking down at one end of the Capitol Building toward the House wing.

Looking up in the same place as the picture above.

Looking down to the bottom floor from the fourth floor: as high as we could go.

Back at the first floor, we went in the Governor's Reception Room.
Remember this guy? He tried to be president.

The view of the beauty that is Arkansas fall out the window of the Reception Room.

With the flag he got from the visitor's desk.

Some lady asked if she wanted her to take a picture of both of us. This is what she took. Thanks for getting the Capitol in the shot, lady.

Little boy and a giant tree.

This weird eagle statue outside the Capitol whose
poor wing has a huge rock at the end of it.

The statues honoring The Little Rock Nine.

The statues with the Capitol in the background.

On the way out, we passed a big circle thing with
the names of all of the counties engraved.
I found mine!

Just The Facts

Baby Gender Day is Friday! Time for The Big Vote! Here are the facts you may consider before making your decision.

The last 6 babies born in our Sunday School class were all girls.
The 6 girls due between now and March in our Sunday School class are all having boys.
Our baby has two cousins: both girls.
Both Jon and I come from families where the girl was born first and the boy was born second.
Alyssa Kate refers to the baby as a boy.
My grandmother refers to the baby as a girl.

Last Bit of Halloween

On Halloween night our church had its first annual GS Fest. (Our church's name is Geyer Springs... thus the GS.) The state fair ended a couple of weeks ago and they managed to get about ten of their rides and three (that I saw) of their carnival games and set them up in the church parking lot. There were also a bunch of those giant inflatable obstacle courses and slides, as well as a petting zoo, food trailers with corn dogs and funnel cake, Radio Disney people, and a bunch more. It was crazy and over 5,000 people came. (They haven't figured out the estimated total yet.) Anyway, I signed up to work from 8-10pm, but got there early to take pictures of the fun. As I was leaving the house, I was wondering how long my camera battery would last since it seemed like it had been a while since charging it. At least I had my spare battery though!
So I headed off and started in the preschool section. I took three pictures and POOF the battery died. That's alright. I had my spare. Oh. It was dead too. One of the three pictures came out pretty cool. This is it:

Those super fun swings that I love.

While working at my station, Candice and Wes brought by the cutest nieces ever.
They were Mary and her lamb.

Alyssa Kate is now (over) 2 1/2 years old.

Caroline is 4 1/2 months old.

The last thing about Halloween is that I love the cute decorations that are out each year. (Nothing scary, thank you very much.) Here are my favorite things that I have around the house.

Seasonal hand towels for the kitchen!

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Things on sticks that are hard to find somewhere to put.

I love Snoopy.

My two favorite little stuffed guys that I have around.

My mom got me these amazing ornaments from Hallmark this year that were just out for Halloween. She managed to convince the store employee to give her the set that she had set back for herself, since each store only received about five sets of the ornaments. It pays for my mom to spend so much on Christmas ornaments at that particular store every year and to know the employees. Thanks mom!
And that big pumpkin in the background? Actually a piece of soap. My BFF/college roommate Erin's mom would give us gift bags from the shop that she works in for different holidays during college. One year that delicious smelling soap was in the bag, but I can't bear to use it, so it's a great decoration every year. Thanks, Erin's mom!

Bathroom decorations. Have I mentioned I like Snoopy?

The pumpkin that I started to paint for my bathroom for the fall. I never went back and painted on the polka dots (and if you notice, actually didn't paint the bottom either). But I'm glad I didn't, because as you can see by this picture, it's starting to rot after only two weeks. Sad times. Hopefully the big one that I bought to do what I did last year won't rot. That guy has to last through January!

A Week of Socks

If you've read my 100 Things About Me, you know I love socks (see #76). Here are the ones I wore this week.








Yep. I'm a dork.

Hallowirthday 2008

If you were around last year, you might know that Halloween is also Jack's birthday. (Or so I say since they told us he was around 4 months old when we got him in February.) He is three years old!

Jack with the little pumpkin-on-a-stick that I love that I've had since I was about five.

Harassing Jack with my pumpkin man.

Much like last year's picture, but with the better camera.

So what did he get for his birthday? One of those Loofah dogs that are so cute.

He doesn't really know what to do with it yet.

He does understand the rope that he got though.

Look at that cute 21 year old.

So cute.

Also on Halloween, D designed a pumpkin and I tried to carve it.
FYI: Pumpkin carving is not a skill I possess.

All of the pumpkins we have made were put outside and D added a few more decorations.

Mostly drawings of candy such as "sucers".

And here he is in his costume: an Ice Wolf Ninja.
Don't ask me. I don't know what it is either.