Jake Sings!

Jake LOVES singing. It's pretty much half of his words. But it's mostly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABCs. (Which, by the way, are the same tune. Two very special people in my life didn't realize that until I told them.) He loves that tune. In fact, walking through Target the other day, he saw the rack of bouncy balls and started singing "ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball..." to that tune. It was hi-larious.
Anyway, I got a video of him singing the ABCs the other day.
Favorite part #1: The way he says l-m-n-o.
Favorite part #2: How he completely freezes one line from the end.


This is how Jake sleeps now, apparently.

Sunday nap

Sunday night


First Haircut

Jake has had this crazy hurricane on his head since he was born.

It took him forever to start growing hair, but once he did, the hurricane continued.

Sometimes it's really curly, like this morning after I wet it. But sometimes it's just mostly straight and frizzy, looking a lot like a mullet since his hair hasn't completely grown in in front. So it was time for a haircut.

We went to a fun kids salon place. We had to wait almost an hour, because it's walk-in only. He enjoyed the train table.

And also played in the toy and tv room.

The he got to sit in a fire truck and eat his first sucker during his haircut. This was the first clip.
Also, he totally didn't understand eating a sucker. He pretty much drooled the entire thing back out onto the gown. I felt terrible.

She's doing a good job, Mama!

Well done!

Checking himself out afterward.

Enjoying a post-haircut animal cracker.

The new look.
(The front is mostly the same since it wasn't very long.)

Whoa. Look at all the curls!

Ready to go with his frog toy that he picked out from the prize box.
He totally surprised me. I thought he would scream
and require a headlock, but he totally did fine!