Fort Worth: Et Cetera

Last of the Fort Worth pics. Finally.
Yes it is October 19th. Yes, these pictures are from almost four months ago.

The day after the wedding, the fam came over to visit before they all left town. Jake was playing trains with my aunt Emily.

Trying on Uncle Jack's sunglasses.

All week long he kept moving the barstools around.
They make a great train track.

My feet between my old man dad and old man uncle's feet.

That window has always had shades and a curtain, but it was open, so Jake enjoyed looking out into the backyard.

He's almost outgrown the playpen!

The super old school monitor that we use while there.

Having fun with Granna.

Cheese monkey.

Teaching Granna about Bubble Guppies.

Reading with Grandude.

My mom stopped by the dentist for a few minutes.
Jake is considering early retirement.

Just a little reading in Grandude's office chair.

Fort Worth: Swimming With Friends

For the love of Pete. This was in July. In Fort Worth. I'm posting them so I can get to more recent stuff. Like stuff that happened in the last four months.
When we went to Fort Worth, we got to go visit a family that we have known forever and just plain ol' love. They have an awesome house with a great salt water pool. We had a great time.

Jake had fun swimming with Grandude,
but kept trying to eat the pool.

Pool noodle fights.

Swimming with Christine.

And with Travis.

Their dogs have jumping skillz.

Fort Worth: The Museum

I have GOT to finish posting these pictures from July. I uploaded all the pictures when I was still in Fort Worth, just forgot to caption and post them!
My mom and I took Jake to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. I went to that museum on a field trip every year growing up. They recently completely tore it down and rebuilt it, so obviously nothing is the same. Here's the fun stuff...

Biggest Lite Brite EVER!

The pegs were huge!

There was an air tunnel that you could put paper cups in and watch them twirl.

I think these bubble tubes were salvaged from the old museum.

Jake really liked them.

The little kids area had a medical area.
Jake's fave was the ambulance.
He was pressing the siren button.

Cool formerly living Galapagos turtle.

He was looking at the lights on top of the ambulance.

The entryway to the little kids area.

They had a huge train section.

Then we went to the dinosaur display.
He was telling us how big the dinosaur was. Really.

The big dinosaur.

The section about gas drilling, along with the HUGE drilling truck.

Pretending to work for the drilling company.

Every good construction worker needs his sippy cup.

Giving a Gig 'em in front of the longhorn.

Riding the pretend horse down the cattle trail.

That's the old basketball arena at A&M.

Jake was not thrilled by the admission bracelet that he had to wear. He kept trying to chew it off the whole time.

Outside the museum were some fun fountains, but we didn't have towels or anything, so we just touched them instead of running through them.

It was super fun!

Fort Worth: Tuesday and Wednesday

Jake and I stayed a whole extra week after my brother's wedding, so we had plenty of days to fill. Tuesday morning we went to a park, but it was about 600 degrees outside, so we didn't stay long.

There were a bunch of slides.

Granna really enjoyed the playground too.
(In fact, she did everything there, but I'm being
nice and only posting this one picture.)

Jake tried out the spring duck.
Granna stayed close so he wouldn't break his teeth.

Hello in there!

He had a great time chasing a squirrel.
He got really close a few times.

Granna rode the merry-go-round.
I don't ride those things.
Haven't since about 5th grade.

See how bright red our faces are? Way hot.
P.S. This park was built on what our family refers to as the Field of Dreams. My dad coached my brother's YMCA baseball team one year and this was where they practiced every week. Now it's mostly park.

Wednesday we decided to participate in indoor activities.
We went to storytime at the library.
This was the monkey bumping his head.

The Hokey Pokey

Then we headed to the mall and there
happened to be a crazy puppet lady there.

Jake got to meet the dragon.