Satan in Insect Form

Preface: I HATE BUGS!
I drove into the garage today and saw a giant bug on the ceiling. I thought it was either a roach or a giant spider. I couldn't tell. So I got everything inside and went back out with the Raid, because I did NOT want that thing on the inside part of our house. I sprayed it and it kind of fluttered down and landed on the window of the car. Repeat: I did NOT want that thing on the inside part of our house. So I backed the car back out into the driveway and sprayed it again. After it was most definitely dead, I got a LONG pole and flicked it off into the driveway. This thing was most likely Satan. For real. Like one of those insect creatures from Revelation.

If you can bear to look at it, notice it has red antennae and red back legs. It has this super creepy spiky wheel thing on its back. Horrible. It will probably be in my nightmares tonight.
Bonus points to anyone who knows what it is. I tried Googling "beetle with red antennae" and couldn't find anything except ladybug costumes.

The Time Jake Found the Camera Strap

We Go Together

It seems like Jake and Jack like to do a lot of the same things...

Yearn for what I'm eating.

Stare at the camera.

Hold their heads up.
(How I wish this hadn't come out fuzzy.
And no, I did NOT pose them this way.)

Look cute.

Get tired of holding their heads up.

Wonder when I'm going to stop taking pictures.

This Is What Happens

... when it rains for three weeks straight and the yard can't be mowed. (Don't worry. Jon mowed it at the end of last week.)

Eat Your Veggies!

Despite his attempt at persuading me with his bib,
it was time to start veggies.

So we put on the giant plastic bib to avoid his
super cute clothes and bibs getting stained.
(Yes, he eats in his swing. We don't have a high chair yet.)
And off we went...

It was a success!
Yes, Mom, I know you don't like food-on-face pictures.

The End of an Era

A week and a half ago I ended my job as a nanny. All three kids are now in school, so they no longer needed me. I was their nanny for two years, one month, and two weeks. I've done a lot with the boys and had a pretty great time.

This was D and me our first week together.
He was 4 years and 3 months old.

C & D in our first month. Ages 4 and 9.

We also went to Chuck's.

That fall I took D to the pumpkin patch.

That winter the boys stayed home one icy day.
(And I had to go to their house anyway.)

This was the single most recalled moment of our two years together. We mentioned it all of the time. "Hey. Ashley. Remember the time I squirted yogurt all over myself... TWICE!?"
(He was eating a Gogurt and his hand slipped and it went all over him. We cleaned him up and he immediately did it again.)

Things changed a little. Here we were almost exactly two years later back at Chuck's.

And all of us. They boys are now 6 and 12.
Yes! Their sister, B, does exist!
And yes, when we were all together we were A, B, C, & D.

And finally. The classic. My favorite thing from the whole time.
This was when he was four:

So what now? I'm substitute teaching until I can find a real full time job, probably teaching. My sister-in-law, Candice, and a friend from church, Erica, are taking turns keeping Jake while I'm working, which is so much better than a daycare. If I can't keep him myself, what's better than family and friends? Nothing.


Look what I got in my Spam Mail!

We're rich! Yes!

6 Months Old!

Jake turned 1/2 today.

He is 1/2.

I'm 1/2. You're not.

Taller than Snoopy!

And at the request of Mimi and everyone at her work...
Here is an updated picture of Jake's foot.

We celebrated Jake's 1/2 birthday with 1/2 of a cake.
(By the way, I'm VERY bad at icing cakes.)

That had 1/2 of a candle.

He was ready to go after that cake.

Happy Half Birthday Jake!

Recent activities of Jake:

Holding, grabbing, and eating his feet at all times.

And eating his hands at all OTHER times.

Oh, and also eating everything else.

He recently discovered he has functioning fingers.
He's enjoying that discovery.

I've been reading to him since he was born, but now he seems to really be paying attention to the books, wanting to touch them and grab the pages.

He finally plays with all of the toys on the exersaucer.

And reaches for things too.

Although he's not big enough for the doorway jumper...

doesn't have any teeth...

and can't sit up or roll over...

He can stand for a few seconds when leaning against something.
Go Jake!

We Went to the Razorback Game

1. The guy in front of us was confused about what team he was watching.

2. People around us got mad at me for making fun of the band for playing Proud Mary.

3. The moon was orange.

The End.

Oh yeah. And the Razorbacks won 48-10.

We ♥ Dr. Pepper

Mama and Daddy love Dr. Pepper. Jake wants some too.
We were up at Jon's classroom a few weeks ago and Mimi and Pop stopped by with some lunch. Jake wanted the Dr. Pepper.