Creature From The Deep

I was coming up the stairs tonight at our apartment and, only moments after screaming when a giant roach ran over my foot as I was trying to hop over it, I saw probably the biggest moth I've ever seen outside of a display in a museum or in a science textbook. This is it next to my size 10 1/2 shoe. Yuck!

Meanwhile, back at the bread aisle...

First some advice: If you ever think that you want to go to Wal-Mart the night before school starts, don't.
Luckily I wasn't going there for bread because this was what was on the bread aisle. (Click the picture for details.)

Habla Usted Ingles?

Just a quick opinion poll. I was at Wal-Mart recently and saw these two sections on the bread aisle:
I realize that the pictures are sort of fuzzy (because I was trying to take a picture in the bread aisle without attracting attention) but they make a point. The top picture is loaves of bread whose name and packaging are in Spanish with subtitles in English. The bottom picture is from further down the aisle and is a whole section that is entirely in Spanish. I know different people have different opinions about this, and I want to hear yours. Should we go into the stores, drive down the roads, or turn on the local tv networks in our English-speaking country and see products, billboards, commercials, etc. that are completely in Spanish? What do you think?

Funny Things 161-180

Well, I didn't expect to get 20 more pictures so fast! So here we go!

I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese's today (which, by the way, is just about as fun still as it was when we were kids and it was called Showbiz Pizza.) There was one game there where they sat on a chair, strapped in, and pretended to fly a plane while the chair moved slightly with their motions on screen. Apparently it's the most dangerous thing ever invented, because all of these warning stickers were on the ride somewhere, with several of them being on there multiple times:

I'd really avoid playing, riding, or getting near that game, much less putting my rectangular open-topped briefcase with handles on the step area of it.

Also at Chuck E. Cheese's. Um, there's a baby in that thing that lady's wearing. Creepy.

This is hilarious. It's the ticket counting machine. Don't get your necktie or long hair near it.

The next six pictures are proof that someday I will get in a wreck while taking pictures of things on the road.

Something's a little off here.

This was at 7:15 this morning. This girl was just standing there waving at traffic holding her election sign. Someone else was still out there at 6:00 tonight.

This one's kind of hard to read. Let me transcribe the right window: "Locked out your car? Need a tow for the low... Call ??? Auto -- Used tires for the low 13" & Up $10 & Up"

Quite a variety of bumper stickers

One definition of two-tone paint

Yep. That's what you think it is.

I guess my neighbor just wanted his car seat a little more comfortable. (His window was open.)

Old picture: A store in Dallas. Apparently it's a chain.

Another oldie: Something about this was just funny to me: "Beer to go"

Funny Things 141-160

Funny Things: Special Edition
Local Grocery Store

Ah. Good ol' Local Chains. This is a small chain of "grocery stores" in Texarkana. I drove by one of them on the way to school every day and hardly ever looked at it. It happened to be on a corner that had a stoplight, so when stopped I would look over there sometimes. One time I looked over and thought it was funny what words were visible:

Breast milk!

A few months later I was driving by and noticed that the sign looked like this:

I thought it was funny because I figured someone was just dumb, but then it continued for the next many many weeks. It really just made my Wednesday morning. I hated going to work and that made me just a tiny bit happier. So here are the ones that I got pictures of.

And because I didn't have 20 pictures, here is my last picture in these Funny Things.

It's been good. I will post them in tens from now on. Stay tuned for future issues.

Great Website

Wow! 25 hits in the last 2 1/2 hours? I guess a few people are reading this! I know some of those are people who have clicked on a picture to make it bigger and then hit back, but still. Thanks Sarah for making me feel loved.

I'll be back to posting pictures tomorrow night, but for now I just wanted you three people that read this to know about this site. I've had it in my side links, but most people don't look at those. This site is kind of like the pictures I've been taking. It's Found Magazine and they have a ton of pictures of things that people have just found and most of them are really funny. They've had the site since 2002 so there are alot. Enjoy!

Funny Things 121-140

These are getting worse, I know. I'm running out. But some of these are still pretty funny, including a few I just saw in the past few days.

At a horrible inservice I had to go to last year. This lady had the longest pointer I've ever seen. It was really hard to get this picture.

Worst "garage sale" ever. It was on an empty lot at a stop light in Texarkana.

On the way to Fort Worth once I saw a billboard on fire. A billboard! On fire! This was what was left of it the next time I drove by.


I proudly offer this picture. It's my "couch" after I got rid of my couch right before I got married. I had to sit on something!

Usually the people doing this are around 19 years old. Not 91. So cute.

I love a good smilin' bag-o-ice.

Stupid Waffle House.

This truck was carrying another truck bed upside down in its bed.

The first bus ever made in the history of time.

At the hospital yesterday.

This bathroom offers giant monkey head sandwiches.

Unnecessary, punctuation: bothers' me.

Super what?

This was super hard to get a picture of. Actually my brother got it. Check out the shirt/sock combo.

After the snow in Texarkana on our school playground. Less funny. More just plain ol' cool.

Stupid Arby's.

This is what it looks like when your apartment complex is using the actual building to decide what new color to choose for the complex.

This guy lost part of his car.

I really just want to know the rules and procedures in this place.