Happy Hallowirthday!


It's also Jack's 2nd "birthday"! He is enjoying his new toy with his super-evil eyes. (I assigned today as his birthday when they told us he was about 4 months old in February when we got him.)

Thhhbbbbt! I'm a teenager now!

Earlier this week, we (and by we, I mean I) carved a pumpkin. Much better than my last attempt.

And today the boys and I decorated cookies. This was before they lost their minds and possibly lost trick-or-treating by their mother.

And tonight our niece enjoyed her second Halloween.

And finally, Jack wants to send out a special Happy 2nd "Birthday" to his girlfriend, Roxie. He's glad they share a fake birthday!

Stupid Teenagers

I took some teenagers to a concert the other night. I got paid to do it - it wasn't by choice. First I'd like to say how glad I am that I am not currently a teenager. They're weird. I know we were weird, but I don't think we were as weird as they are now. At least I hope not.
So you know how for many years people held up lighters at concerts when they were "rockin' out?" Well, unfortunately that awesomeness has be replaced by stupidity. Apparently they now use the open cell phone to sway back and forth during slow songs.

It was cute when Jim Halpert did it at Phyllis' wedding on The Office. It's not cute when several hundred teenagers did it. I'm sorry the video moves so fast and it's not very clear. I thought I was moving slower, and hey, it's a camera, not a videocamera. Cut me a break.

That Was Weird

I am finally watching Indiana Jones for the first time! Aren't you proud? I wanted to look up someone in the movie to see if he was who I thought he was. I headed on over to the best movie/tv/actor information site on the internet imdb.com and this is what was on the front page. Weird and so random!

The end.

Problems at the Northern Factory

A few rolls ago, I got to the end of the toilet paper and it looked like this (laid out completely flat):

No idea what happened.

And this is a related street sign that my sister-in-law pointed out to me while driving one day:

Someone Else Agrees!

I realize this was something that happened 8 months ago, but at that point in time I wasn't blogging regularly. This past Easter (or more like day after Valentines) I picked up my first package of the year of Cadbury Creme Eggs, aka Best Candy Ever Invented. I opened the package to enjoy my first one and immediately noticed that it felt smaller. Luckily, since I bought so freakin' many the day after Easter on clearance last year (as I always do), I still had some left over. They had dropped from 1.37 ounces to 1.2 ounces! That's a 12.4% drop in weight! What?! I talked to some other people who enjoy the CCEs, namely Sarah, and she was with me. I thought we were alone, but little did I know that around the same time BJ Novak from The Office was right there with us:

BJN on LN w/CO 4-4-07

He says almost the exact same thing that I just said. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hordes them. Here is the important freeze frame from the episode:


I wrote to Cadbury to complain as soon as I realized the difference. I never heard back from them. Probably because they got millions of other e-mails. I investigated and saw this picture of what the Cadbury website used to say:

They have now changed it to this:

Why has the size of the egg changed?

As the world's largest confectionery company, Cadbury Schweppes is committed to developing great-tasting products that consumers love. Since people's preferences vary from market to market, so do our products. This is reflected in the broad variety of sizes and flavors of products that we offer our consumers worldwide.

If you're eating a Cadbury Crème Egg in the UK or Canada - nothing has changed, they're the same size as ever. However, in the United States, our business partner, Hershey, elected to reduce the size of the crème egg.

Cadbury Eggs remain a consumer favorite and continue to be an excellent value. We apologize for any confusion or misleading information.


So they're blaming Hershey's. Hmph. Still mad. Anyone else with me or are you thinking that this is way too long ago to still be complaining?

Yep, I Made That

I'm going to a thing on Friday night. We're supposed to bring a dessert or food. I always pick dessert. I had to make it tonight since I'm taking two teenagers to a concert three hours away tomorrow night. I've made a pumpkin cheesecake before, but this time I wanted to make a Halloween themed one. The white is a small bit of plain cheesecake, the orange is pumpkin cheesecake under that, the web is chocolate, and the spider is chocolate with a whole bunch of blue and green food coloring mixed in. I'm pretty proud of it. There are a few places it messed up because the bag I was using to do the icing busted a hole so it caused some extra lines where there shouldn't have been. Oh well. At least I used my pie plate that I forgot I had for the first time.

Up close of the awesome spider:

And then I had some extra icing to go along with the extra batter and decorated those as well:

I'm Innocent, I Tell Ya!

Here is some of the evidence of my innocence in the last year or so. I'm a perfect dog! Ask anyone! (Except anyone I live with or go visit. They'll lie to you.)

"No, I have NOT been ripping off parts of the papasan chair! This little piece of wood came from... somewhere... else..."

"No, I did NOT eat most of a popcorn bag. Even though you found this left in my chair. And even if I did, everyone could use a little more fiber, right?"

"No, I did NOT pull that wrapped up thing out of the trashcan and tear it into tiny pieces! This was here when I walked in the room!"

"No, I did NOT kidnap a pair of socks for the millionth time! Someone gave them to me!"

"No, I did NOT take a pair of socks! Seriously!"

"I think you should look over there for the culprit."

"I'm just taking a nap over here. No trouble going on."

"Can't you see I'm innocent? Leave me alone!"

"No, I did NOT try to eat a battery. This bright red place on my tongue is from something else. Not battery acid!"

"Oh, and while were on the subject... A few weeks ago, that was NOT me who pulled the credit card out of Dad's wallet and chewed it up. Nor was it I who then chewed up the new credit card the day that it came in the mail. I have no idea how that happened."

Weekend Highlights

We had a busy weekend 'round here. Fun busy. Friday night our Sunday School class had a bonfire slash pumpkin carving contest. Here are a few of the pictures I took.

Apparently it was kind of hard and gross to clean out the pumpkin.

And Sumners takes a knock-out punch from the Great Pumpkin.

Us (and by us, I mean me) trying to carve the pumpkin in our 15 minute time limit.

My brother-in-law thinks he's so clever.

My final product. It would have been much better if I'd had longer. Maybe.

It is really hard to take a picture of a pumpkin in the dark. It's supposed to be this winking horned guy.

Then Sunday afternoon/evening/night I went with my sister-in-law, niece, and her best friend and her family to the Arkansas State Fair. Super fun.

Alyssa Kate (the niece, in case you didn't know) on a John Deere.

Alyssa Kate and Ashley (which she can now say, by the way!)

Yay carousel!

Riding the train.

Having a grand ol' time with her boyfriend, Greyson.

And then I had the best thing ever: Fried Oreo.
This picture really shows off my weird disjointed thumb.

The Kid Loves Star Wars

D loves Star Wars and knows everything about it. First he wrote a song about Star Wars characters then fought himself with his light sabers. In the beginning, he said, he is waiting for the other guy to show up. And the end he has been killed and then dies.

I LOVE My Job (again)!

This isn't as good as the first video, but it's still kind of cute.

In Case You Were Wondering

Flash Countdown

Probably Kind of Gross

But I just have to share it! Sorry if it grosses you out. Sometimes I wonder about my heritage. There might be a little African or something in there somewhere. Once every few months I end up with one of these super curly guys come out of my scalp in the shower. Weird and gross. Get over it.

It's An Option

For those of you who want to dress up your eight year old daughter as a hooker.

A Few New Signs and Things

Things around Little Rock in the last week or two:

Better watch out! It's "THE SPY." I've seen this guy more than once but can't seem to get a clear shot of his plate. Maybe because he's a spy.

I drove by the Lifeway sign the other day and the Y had fallen off. They solved the problem the next day.

If I don't WHAT?! (I know I posted another version of this exact same sign recently.)

There is some kind of dead animal thing on her antennae.

Don't you? (Best bumper sticker I've seen in a long time.) I like how they chose to use both the word "love" AND the heart symbol. They must really love it.

I don't get it, but it's funny.

Mmmmm. Tacos from a van.

I hope you weren't intending on taking your parade onto the freeway.

Well said, billboard.

Biggest afro ever? Yes.

This was just kind of weird. And in Arkansas.