After an afternoon with the boys in the backyard and creek behind their house, I came home and took a shower. When I got out, I saw this on my foot...


First, how did I not see that in she shower? Second, GROSS! I almost threw up on myself. That is so disgusting. People shouldn't get ticks. I promptly called the boys' dad and told him to check them tonight. Hopefully I was the only one who got one, even though I was the only one in long pants. Of course.

My mom's reaction: "You took a picture of it?!" ("Yes.") "You and your pictures."


Tonight was kind of a weird surreal night of reality tv. A bunch of strange things seemed to go on. I watched American Idol top 5 performance show, then Dancing With the Stars top 6 results show. Here are my observations:

American Idol:
1. I miss Carly.
2. How drunk was Paula tonight? Thinking Jason had sung two songs after just one? This is how she looked at that particular moment. And here is the story and video of the blessed event on the Entertainment Weekly website.(I happened to be watching tv with my camera tonight.)

3. Ah, Jason. So mellow. I like his eyes a lot. He's not the best on the show, but I still like him. Something I hate however is that group of creeps who insist on swaying their arms back and forth during every song, no matter how fast or slow. A-like-so:

I frequently want to chop their arms off. Especially when they are between me and the performer. They don't have any rhythm. They're annoying. They're distracting. That group should be eliminated completely. I even saw an interview somewhere with Simon saying he hates the mosh pit too. Hopefully they won't be back next year.
4. Now that my precious Carly is gone, I love David Cook the most. He should win. His voice is so great.
5. I was nervous both times Brooke got up there after last week's debacle. Luckily, she did alright. That first song was ridiculous though. I agree with whoever said that it just makes me think of the horribleness that is Shrek. I think it was these guys. (If you have time, you should watch their videos. So funny!)
6. David Archuleta makes me want to throw up. I'm sick of him. He's good. Whatever. I'm tired of his boringness.
7. Syesha just keeps getting better. I loved her at the beginning, then she started to not do as well, but she's back!
8. My final three would be David Cook, Jason, and Syesha. Goodness knows that will never happen though. Unfortunately, I, along with the rest of the universe, am predicting an all-David top two.
9. My rankings. Your problem:
(Carly), David Cook, (Michael), Jason/Syesha, David A., Brooke
It makes me really sad to put Brooke there, but I think it's her time to go. She's done well, but she just looks like she's going to pass out the whole time she's singing.
10. The whole don't-comment-after-songs and cram-ten-songs-into-an-hour business made for a very awkward episode.
11. Why does it have to run several minutes over time every single week?

Dancing With The Stars:
1. I was forced to watch this show live this week since Big Brother is now over. I enjoy taping it and watching the whole show in about 15 minutes. Live is excruciating.
2. Samantha looked like she stepped out into 100% humidity right before the show tonight. My camera couldn't quite capture her hair's full glory.
3. Def Leppard? Probably 100 years old. Good music. Really old guys.
4. Christian is having arm surgery and is continuing on the show? He should have just quit and let him be the person out for the week, letting everyone else continue. Jon said injuries like that put football players out the rest of the season.
5. Speaking of football players, I love Jason and Edyta. I'd like for them to win.
6. The Kenny, Jerry, and Len commentary thing was a lot funnier last season, but it was still pretty good.
7. I was sad to see Shannon and Derek go. I liked her because she was trying so hard. She really wanted it. Plus they were really cute together.
8. I'm dreading this 100th Episode business next week. I think I'll definitely be recording it and watching it in the fast forward.

Who do you like on AI and DWTS?

Boredom Leads To Ridiculousness

I was inspired by several other blogs I read (as seen on the side of the page this takes you to when you click above) and I made this new blog. It's not replacing this one by any means. It's just something dumb to do to take up more time. As my friends and/or people who think they know me because they read my blog for some unknown reason, feel free to submit pictures at will. Thanks and sorry.

Ryan vs. Adam

The show that I am most embarrassed to say that I love is Big Brother. I have watched all nine seasons and still love it as much as the first season. (Well, actually more than the first season, because that one was really boring.) I've been meaning to post something about this pretty much since the first episode of the season. The finale is tomorrow night and the person I want to mention is still on there.
Adam ("Crazy Eyes") makes these strange faces basically all of the time. When he's mad. When he's happy. When he's talking with someone else in the house. When he's talking to the camera. All of the time. From the first episode, I have thought that he looks exactly like Biff on Back to the Future...

Yes? No? Definitely yes. (Took a while to get a screenshot of both where they're making the same face.)
Although my favorite houseguests have gradually been voted off (Natalie, then Sharon), I have liked Ryan pretty much the whole time (except for the time he stole that money from Sheila during that one game) and hope that he wins. Who do you like?

And on a just barely related note, here's a really funny (clean) video of Tom Wilson, the guy who played Biff, doing a song about his role in Back to the Future during his stand up act:

Things That Make My Brain Explode

I've always been a stickler about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (Surely as I write this post, I'll make an error in one of those, but I always reread what I write several times before posting to ensure that doesn't happen.) I hate it when I see signs up that have misspellings. I hate it when people write or speak improperly. But the topic that this post is about is the fact that I hate the misuse of apostrophes! It's rampant! If you look around, you will see it everywhere!
Last week when we went to the zoo, I was looking at the menus and saw what is making me write this particular post.

There is an option on the menu to make your own pizza and it lists the toppings. Apparently, something either belongs to the topping, meat choice, onion, mushroom, green pepper, tomato, and "jalepeno" (jalApeno), or the food items are about to do something. (The onion's going to go swimming!) Apostrophes are only used to represent ownership or abbreviation, not to make something plural! (I guess the black olives luckily got off the hook for owning something or doing something.)

The rest of the menu is pretty ridiculous too. It looks like that, at some point, somebody told them that salads, "sandwichs," hot dogs, and sides don't have an apostrophe in them, and they took them off. However, they forgot to slide that S up next to the rest of the word. And on sandwich, they forgot to add the E. In addition to that misspelling, I found six other mistakes on there. That's if you don't also count the five places that they made two words into one word. Can you find all of the errors?

Like I said, the apostrophe error is all around you. Here are the ones that I have seen and taken pictures of. A few of these have been posted before, but they're worth looking at again for the sake of this discussion.

This one's funny because they actually left off the apostrophe in health's. The sake belongs to the health. :)

Storm door's what now? Glass maybe?

Mmmm... coffee's something.

I don't want to spend 99 cents on something that belongs to a tornado. Especially if I don't know what it is.

Same caption as last time... Violator's what? Legs possibly?

This one and the next one sort of fall under the same category. Misspellings of abbreviations. Luckily the one above was also apparently pointed out to the museum curators, because an apostrophe was added to the word.
it's = it is
its shows possession (i.e. The dog hurt its leg.)

Your what is on camera?
You're = you are
Your shows possession (Your really ugly car is for sale at the car dealership.)

I Miss Funny

I haven't posted funny/random pictures in a long time, so here are a bunch of them. Sorry some of them are bad quality. Most were taken with my less-than-awesome old camera.

This one shocks me. This is what the TV at the house where I work says when you press mute. Seriously. I don't understand how this could have happened.

Yeah. Heart Attack.

These people are extremely excited to be working for the Bell.

Funny little park rule. Under 15 and over 65.

Heart shaped window?

I can see someone dumping their change jar in the library return box.

I was kind of mad one day last week when I saw this sign on a busy street. They shouldn't be allowed to put "damn" on signs.

I was very happy to see this week when I drove by that apparently someone called in and complained and they took care of the problem with some duct tape.

It's the Tool Lady! (I just mainly liked my strategy for getting this picture.)

This reminds me of an episode of Friends where Joey said he got his girlfriend a pen with a clock on it... "So if she's writing and wonders what time it is... hey! There's a clock on my pen!"

This very strange lady was at the daffodil field when we took the kids that time.

You could get "ballons" here.

Or "balloons" on the back side.

I never knew that the Recycle Bin had a limit.

Yeah... like we don't like the silent E at the end of many words.


Creepy huge picture at the kids' dentist office.

Haha! Doodie King! Dot com!

Because when I think of plumbing, I think of Benjamin Franklin.

That w is backwards. Seriously. Can't you tell?

Except what?

Weirdest "I heart something" ever.


A pirate, perhaps?

I want to know what this one used to say.

Something doesn't make sense here.


That's where I keep my carabiner.

Funny window bumper stickers. I don't get the one on the right.

Pretty impossible to read, but WEIRDEST bumper sticker ever. The red one says
Shepherd's Chapel
Galaxy 4 ?? 16
with a picture of a satellite dish. Very weird.

C read this one with an Italian accent.


And now finally a few more funny pictures from the hospital...

In the parking garage... I dare you to try to go left!

I do not plan on ever going into that room.

I don't understand a backwards f.

Is that different from baby mama?

And this last one is only funny if you put it along with this video...

This was in the room across the hall from us. This lady was very loud very often, but I couldn't get a video while she was at her best because there kept being nurses in the hall.