Super Dog!

Sometimes Jack tries to open the sliding door himself.

Jake's Girlfriend is Here!

My friend Brandie had her baby Lindsay Kate today!

Lindsay and Jake started hanging out a while ago.

"It's a lady!"

He was very excited to finally meet her in real life.

Jake was no longer the smallest person in the room.

Friends and babies


Mama loves her baby girl.

The Time Jake Found the Giraffe

"Hi. I'm Jake. I'm cute and adorable and way big in my swing."

"Wait. Who are you? Have you always been here?"

"Nice to meet you. Let's be friends."

By the way, here he was at 5 days old taking a break from being in the window to cook out the jaundice. (Thus the nakedness.) He's grown a little since then, wouldn't you say?

Loving the Big Chair

Just a little cuteness that has occurred while sitting in the big chair...

Chillaxin'. Yep. I said chillaxin'.

Finished with the photo shoot.

Could anyone be any cuter?
(Answer: No.)


I'm camouflaged. Can you see me?


Takin' a break.

Fun With The Cousins

Jake's cousins, Alyssa Kate and Caroline, just love him. Alyssa Kate has been excited about "Gake" since before he was born.

She had been talking about holding him for a long time.

She got to hold him TWICE at the hospital!

Alyssa Kate was excited to hold him in the Easter picture.

Caroline also loves Jake. She squeals every time she sees him. At VBS, she decided she wanted his sock.

And then wanted to put it back on.

I kept the girls once... about two months ago... and got this cute one of the three of them together. It was before Jake had mastered holding his head up. Obviously.

Alyssa Kate wanted one by herself with Jake too.

This was about a month ago. It's funny to see him grow in perspective with her.

And this was last week. He obviously looks way bigger because he's closer to the camera. I wish it hadn't come out fuzzy though.

That's Not Where I Left You!

He de-swaddles and rotates or scoots every night. It's really funny. It's like a surprise every morning to see where he's ended up overnight.

Exersaucer Craziness!

Jake was VERY excited to be in the exersaucer tonight. (I decided I needed to start making the vids a little shorter so you people might actually watch them.)

He then began to crack himself up...

And Then D Said...

"Ashley! My swimsuit is on the ceiling!"

This Is How I Sleep

These are from the past month or so...

The Pledge of Allegiance

The Hand Clasp

The Sprinkler

The Spread Eagle

The Freebird
(In a super small blanket because all of the others were dirty.)

The Statue

The Lounge

The Collapse

P.S. Check out those eyelashes!

The Foot Grab

The Frog

The Double Pledge of Allegiance

Nap Time for All

This afternoon Jake was on the floor playing with his
awesome 25-cents-at-a-garage-sale inch worm.

Then the worm crawled over his face.

Aaaah! Attack!

He started to quickly fade.

And then fell asleep with Inchy.

Jack decided he wanted to lie down with them.

So everyone took a nap together.