The Next Step Up

First bath in the sink: 4 days old

First bath in the big tub: 2 1/2 months old
when he didn't fit in the sink anymore.
(I didn't see the need or have the space for one
of those giant baby tubs. I got this $5 sponge thing
from Target and it's worked just great.)

First sitting up bath: 8 months old... tonight!

Experience the fun of water pouring over his head. He loved it.

The post-bath ritual: immediately eating his feet

He still pretends to be an airplane to balance sometimes.

Yummy clean fingers


  1. So cute! We used that yellow sponge bath bed thing forever with our kids! We just transferred it to the big tub and they used it as a seat so they wouldn't slip.

  2. i LOVE giving the boys baths still! it's so nice that he's sitting up now!