First Field Trip

On Thursday we went on our first field trip... to the zoo! Candice had invited us to go with her and the girls, as I had to go back to work this week and needed things to do. So Jake got all dressed up for the zoo...

...with a giraffe on his top...

...and his bottom.

He also had a zebra on his pacifier...

...ducks on his socks...

...and an elephant and turtle on his car seat.

Despite the dark clouds in the sky on the way to work that morning (had to fit this picture in here somehow)...

...we were ready to go!

Shortly after we go to the zoo, the sky cleared and it was beautiful, although hot! (Also had to fit this picture in.)

So Jake enjoyed the monkeys...

... and the bird show (which his Mama hated)...

...and rhinos...

...and elephants.

He also enjoyed the lions...

...and tigers...

...and bears. (Oh my!)

We also visited the giraffes since he had them all over.

Yay! Giraffes!

Alyssa Kate and D also had a good time.

They get along really well for being 2 1/2 years apart in age.

And I Forgot

Jake was very happy about his first trip to church last Sunday.

Danger, Intrigue, and Magic

"This boy is doing more than just playing a video game. He has entered another world. A world of danger, intrigue and magic..."
This is great:

I love the point that they make (that I had never thought of) that their name is the Mario Brothers, so are their names Mario Mario and Luigi Mario? Some questions just have no answers.
Favorite line from "Mario Mission Control": "Have you ever been to the mansion that has the eyeball in it?"
ALSO... Those two "secret" things I've done and/or heard of... the one with the beanstalk to the sky is nearly impossible to do without falling in the pit. I've always heard of the other one to get 99 lives but believe it's impossible without being killed by the turtle-duck, or, as I have recently found out they are called by the boys playing Mario Kart Wii, Koopa Troopa.

Who are Mario and Luigi? They are us.

He Doesn't Quite Get It

Preface: I've always had a large number of words that I hate. I won't name any of them, so that you may not torture me with them. As I've gotten older and been around people with children, that list of words/phrases that I hate has grown to include ones related to children. They include, but are not limited to "play date," "pack 'n' play," and "tummy time." This is related to "tummy time" or as I have decided to call it "Neck-sercises."
Jake has a ridiculously strong neck, as seen in my post a few days ago. He loves to practice lifting his head when lying on your chest. Like so:

But he HATES to be on his stomach on the floor. You can see in the following pictures that he's not at all thrilled be in this situation. However, he also doesn't seem to get what part of his body he's supposed to be lifting. It's kind of hard to tell, but he's lifting the entire bottom half of his body, from the waist down. Skillz.

First Easter

We had a fun first Easter! Here's what it looks like when you try to take a picture of a three year old, a ten month old, and a one month old. If you put them all together, everyone is looking at some point.

The cousins

Jake with his Easter basket from Mimi.

In his bigger-than-life bib. :)

Jon's family kept saying we needed to put him in the basket.

He wasn't so thrilled about it.

So he was just happy to look excited next to it.

In his super cute Easter overalls.

With his one-day-late Easter basket from Mommy.

Lots of goodies!

With his new buddy Snoopy.


One Month Old!

Jake's already a month old today! Happy Easter! Here are today's pictures with Snoopy. Not a whole lot of change since two weeks ago. He gained 12 ounces this week, after not gaining any weight the week before. We turned up the eating volume and he turned out the ounces in response.
So Jake was pretty active when taking these pictures.

I got a good first picture.

And second picture. But then he started to take off...

So I put him back where he was supposed to be:

But then he took off again...

So stinkin' hilarious!

He's in his Easter outfit, but I'll post more Easter pictures later.

Flying Baby

This is what a 4-week-old baby with incredible neck muscles looks like:


Who doesn't love fresh warm laundry straight out of the dryer?

Jake does!