I was peeling apples tonight to make some homemade applesauce. I pushed the peels into the garbage disposal and turned it on. It sounded like something was in there that shouldn't be. At first I thought it was a baby spoon, but it wasn't loud enough. I forgot about it for a few minutes and put more in the sink. When I went back to get it out the water was backed up, so I had to run it again figuring it would just finish chopping up the mystery item.
It still sounded like it was in there, so I got a flashlight and looked down in there and found this...

a COMPLETELY UNDAMAGED nipple. Despite going through two full runs of the disposal, it was as good as new. Way to go, Gerber Nuk nipples! (Gerber, you may now send me some free ones. Thank you.)


  1. What a testament to those Gerber nipples. Love it! And the take and toss spoons do just as well getting chopped up by the garbage disposal (not that I've ever done that!)

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