Eight Months Old!

Jake turned eight on Thursday.

Weird thing: The pants are 0-3 months (What?!) and the shirt is 3-6 months. He usually wears 6-9 months. Dumb baby clothes sizing.
P.S. The pants DO fit. It just didn't look like it in this picture.


This was the first month he didn't want to stay still.
Other than the hilarity of the one month pictures.
I still laugh every time I look at those.

The foot.

Recent happenings:

He will grab at everything now. Toys, necklaces, neck skin...

He had his first date with Lindsay, Brandie's baby.

"It's a laaaaaaady..."

He is in the extremely early stages of wanting to learn to crawl.
He has started moving his legs a little when on his stomach.
The other night he rotated himself 180 degrees.

He can feed himself a tiny bottle.
We're still working on figuring out the sippy cup.

He is finally big enough to fit in the doorway bouncer.

He had his first two sick baby visits to the doctor this month. Just after his seven month birthday and then again this week. He's doing better, but is still really stuffed up and has the same horrible cough that I have right now. It's a house o' fun around here.


  1. Cute, cute, cute....your house is full of cuteness! Love the pics with Lindsay!