Like Dog, Like Kid

Jake loves the visualizer on iTunes.
It makes him happy.

Snuggle Up

Because sometimes you just want to
sleep with your diaper stacker.

Most Mis-sized Shirt Ever

Somebody, probably Jake's Pop, got this shirt for him when he was not-even-born-yet. It's labeled 3-6 months. Here he is wearing it around the house tonight.

I'm starting to think it was mis-sized.

17 Months Old

Way back on August 12th, Jake was 17 months old. I've been super way busy since then with school and all. (I got a job teaching 1st grade this year.) Also, our internet is still pretty slow out here, so uploading pictures takes forever. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'll do what I can.

This is really the best one I got. Sad.
He wouldn't stay still. Imagine that!

Alright. Can I go?

Loving Snoopy.

And I'm outta here!