A Day Off

Everyone was off for Memorial Day so we had a nice day together.

I was out on the front porch and Jake and Jack were watching me.

Jake found the blinds today, so we got to look outside.

He has discovered his cheeseball smile.

Randomly throughout the day he has started doing this
thing with his hands that I call The Moose. It's pretty funny.

This afternoon we went over to Wes and Candice's house for some grillin'. Candice said for Jake to bring his swimsuit. The last time he was in a pool looked like this:

5 months old.

When I first put him in the pool, he SCREAMED! There were also four bigger kids in there plus the water was cold, so we took a break until they all got out. I later eased him into the cold water and he eventually got used to it.

Ok, this is fun!

Hi Mama!

This isn't so bad!

Hey! I can splash here like in the bathtub!

Yay swimming pool!

Gah! There's water in my face!

Chillin' outside the pool.

Playing with Daddy before dinner.

Jake's first hot dog.

Cheesing with Mimi.

Mimi, I know you want to eat this!

I don't really know what was going on here, but
it's hilarious, because he doesn't point like that ever.

Trying on his summer hat.

He didn't want to keep his America hat on.

Cutie boy.

And just before he left I put him in the Bumbo. All of the other 5 kids that were there had been in it at one point in the evening. He was the only one whose legs didn't fit in it. The oldest kid in it was five.

A Birthday Party

Last night we went to Greyson's 5th Birthday Party. (aka Alyssa Kate's future boyfriend/Alisa's son). His dad, Daniel, is a tennis pro, so they had it at his tennis club.

I'm trying to get pictures of Jake involved in all sports, so someday I can use them in a yearbook ad when he's graduating.
I think he's dribbling the ball here.

Yay tennis!

It's hard to bounce the kid AND take
a clear picture at the same time.

He LOVED being bounced!

The cakes were really cute.

The only picture I have of Greyson, wrestling with
his dad with the help of Alyssa Kate and Caroline.

Now That He's Crawling

The toys have become a lot more spread out.

That stack of magazines has been moved.

Jake laughs at me calling after him to come back.

He likes to pick out some old music from among some of my albums, which have since also been moved, as he wanted to try to tear them apart.

He thought it was really funny.

He loves to stand at the table, even though nothing's left on it.
Also, see the chairs lying down across the opening to
the dining room/kitchen to try to contain him.

I used to think that it was hard to keep a glass table clean.


What's been going on? Not much.

Many nights when Jake is about to go to bed and Daddy is telling him goodnight, they'll watch the visualizer on iTunes (where all of the lines dance around to the music that is playing). Jake LOVES it.

Jake will not keep his shoes on. He even managed to get it off when sitting in his high chair. And then eat it.

I love getting pictures of him outside.

This was on our front porch.

He went through this phase where his tongue was out at all times.
Luckily that has ended.

Hey! There's a tree up there!

And now the backyard.

I know I've been in this grass stuff before, but it's weird every time.

When you play in the grass, it gets between your toes!

Television Programming

I haven't talked about TV in forever. I still watch it. Last night was the end of an era. I've talked about LOST quite a few times on here.

It was at the very top of my list.
I started watching it at the beginning: September 22, 2004.
I was 23 years old.
We weren't married.
I lived in Fort Worth.
We got married.
We lived in Texarkana.
We live in Arkansas.
I got Jon to start watching around season 4.
Now we watched it together.

This was October 2006 for the season 3 premiere.
I watched it at Sarah's house because Jon wasn't watching yet.
That shirt doesn't fit anymore.
Jake wore it back in February.

Bye, LOST! What a great six years.

The other show...

I pick Lee. Jake likes Crystal.
They were both my favorites from the beginning.
At least the best two made it to the end!

He Did It!

He finally figured it out! Also, watch for Jack. Not the time he walks by the camera. Later.

Congrats Wes!

Jake's Uncle Wes/Jon's sister's husband/Alyssa Kate and Caroline's dad/The guy I never talk about on here... graduated from law school today! Congratulations Wes! We didn't go to the graduation itself, because Jake wouldn't have stayed quiet and because Wes said that if we weren't going to shed a tear when walked across the stage, we shouldn't have to go. So we just went to the party afterward! Funny thing is, I have no pictures of Wes. But I did get some good pictures of Jake. It was at the Arkansas Bar Association building by the river.

Yep I'm cool.

There is something way more interesting up in the trees.

Walking with Pop.

Pop tried to get him to balance.

Chatting with Pop.

Oops. Jake's blurry.

The fam.

With Aunt Candice and her trendy new glasses.