And Sleep Prevails

Two nights this week I was feeding Jake his food and he fell asleep in the middle of eating. The second time I got it on video. (Sorry for all of the food on his face. Also, I'm alternating carrots and bananas because he likes to gag on the carrots. If I give him bananas first, though, he won't gag as much. I'm one of those people who eats one food at a time, so I feel bad for him when I do this.)

He still had quite a bit of food left.

He then fell forward against the giraffe, leaving the lovely dent in his head that you see here. So I leaned him back to finish his nap.

To the Pumpkins!

Our church offered a chance for moms to bring their kids to the pumpkin patch for free. So we signed up. We were supposed to be there at 8:45, which meant we needed to leave by 8:15. I accidentally set my alarm to GET UP at 8:15. I woke up at 8:10, brushed my teeth, got clothes on me and Jake, and got to the pumpkin patch by 8:47. Impressive, huh? I fed him in the car really quickly before we went in.

He was glad we got there on time.
First was the pig races. I'll post that later. It was greatness.

Next was the hay ride.

Jake's cousins (aka the nieces), Alyssa Kate
and Caroline, were there too!

Yay hay ride!
The pumpkin patch is also a Christmas tree farm.
Thus the background.

Hay ride? No big deal.

Then we went to the petting zoo where
no animals were petted by Jake.

You could feed the goats. We didn't.

Then... to the pumpkins!

So this is this pumpkin thing you've been talking about.

You want more pictures?

Big almost-sitting-up-on-his-own guy!

Standing with Mommy in the baby pumpkins.

This was the best picture we got of the three cousins.
It's hard to keep Caroline still.

Just hanging out with some pumpkins.
If you see all of the bodily fluids on his face,
that's what I was dealing with the whole time.
Ruined several pictures.

My favorite.

But Little Boy Blue was asleep in the hay.

Hay! I mean hey!

It's cold out here!

Are we done yet?

An hour after we left, his cheeks and nose were still pink.

Dedication and Commitment

Tonight was our Parent Commitment/Baby Dedication at church. The church provided a free picture at a photographer for the service. Jake's came out really cute:

Before the service.

Handing off Jake.

Reading the info card along with the associate pastor.

"Hey! You're new!"

We wanted to take a family picture.
Jake wanted to make a funny face.

And another one.

Back at home. Another cute consignment sale sweater.

The latest cover of GQ Baby.

Seven Months (and Three Days) Old

I took these Monday on his "birthday" but he's been sick all week, so I'm just now getting around to posting them.

Seven Months Old!

He's grown a little since last month (seen here).
When we went to his six month appointment, he'd only gained 5 ounces since his four month appointment, so the doctor said to start feeding him a lot more. We had to give him formula in addition to his momma milk, and we started solid foods. He gained almost two pounds when we went back for his sick baby visit on Tuesday. Fatty. He's now up to a "whopping" 15 pounds 8 ounces. Finally past double birth weight! Yay Jake!

What a cute seven month old.

He was sick when I took these.
I love the tiny tear squeezing out of his right eye.

He was a little lethargic.

New and old things:

We've started trying a sippy cup.
He's wearing a windsuit because it's for the Cowboys and it's kind of small so I wanted him to wear it before he outgrew it even more. Plus the Cowboys were on tv.

He loves the Exersaucer. He'll stay in it an hour or more if we let him.

He's started sucking in his bottom lip. It's really funny and cute.

The same thing again.

He loves this book that I found at a consignment sale.
His favorite is the first page. It crinkles.

This picture is to deceive you.
He does not roll over yet. He can go from his belly to his back, but still shows no interest in the other way. Now that he's a little bigger and stronger though, it should be happening soon.

He's just generally a very happy guy. And no teeth.

In case you were wondering, he is feeling better. The fever and diarrhea of a few days ago is gone, and now he's just a little stuffy in the nasal area.

Jake's New Hobby

For the past couple of days Jake has been doing this. I finally caught it on video last night as I was changing him into his pajamas...

Six Month Pictures

Yes. He's almost seven months. We did these at the park and in our living room.

Giant head.

In a cute cowboy hat that my aunt, uncle, and cousin gave him.


Hey! It's my name!

Ooooooo! Jake!

Hee-hee. Jake!

Hey ladies!

You say I'm cute? I know.

Yep. That's me!

Back at home.


Just loungin' around.

It's my name again!

Howdy, y'all.