First Baseball Game

Yes. It's the 4th post today. I'm trying to get as much done as I can while I have access to this internet.

The boys joined the summer reading club at the library this year. They asked if Jake wanted to join too. I said no, but she said we'd get free baseball tickets, so I said yes. Library Night at the Arkansas Travelers game was July 11th. We got three tickets, but Jake was free, so we took Pop too!

Let's go baseball, let's go!

We were right under the speakers, so every time they
said something Jake would look up and listen.

Pretty soon it started looking like this.

Jake was concerned.

So we took cover.
Then some people came and kicked us out of the
pavilion, so we moved elsewhere.

It's funny to have a wet face!

The chick-fil-a cow came by.
Jake was totally not scared.
Unlike his mother was for many years.

Chick-fil-a Cow gave Jake a baseball.

This is what happens during long rain delays at a minor league baseball game. The mascots from Little Caesars and Playtime Pizza start wrestling on the concourse.

This is how you take a tarp off the field.

Jake was impressed.

The fam at the game... from far far away.

The Sumners Boys
or... the boys of Sumners?

Watching some batting practice.

Mama, I like it!

This is also what's great about minor league baseball... it was the "Mascot's Birthday" so "many of her friends" came and they raced some kid. Guess what? The kid won.

Yay team!

Hat time!

It's late. Can we go now?

Since the game started so late, we left way early.
They ended up losing. Mwah-mwah.
But it was a fun first game for the Jake!


One day Jake woke up from his nap looking like this.
Oh, Alfalfa.
(You didn't think he had hair, did you?)

Party Time!

Last month our Sunday School class had a Birthday Party themed fellowship. It was pretty much for the kids.

First was the pinata. Jake's "third grandmother", Melissa, our class' director, insisted that Jake participate in everything. That was great, because then I could get pictures of course!

Caroline took some swings too.

Then there was pin the tail on the donkey. Jake won.

Then cupcake decorating!
What's going on here, Mama?

First you put on the icing.

Then you add the sprinkles!

Put on a candle of course!

Get excited...

And get ready to blow it out!

Then you eat it!

All of the kids went out in the hall to run around.
Noah joined Jake in some crawling.

Ethan thought it looked fun too.

Then, for about 10 seconds, all of the kids thought that
Jake's "Just Sitting There" idea was fantastic!

And at the end, he was very excited about his goody bag!

Fourth of... August?

Yeah, it's been a month since the fourth of July. We got that extension cord for the internet, but it's still too slow to upload pictures in a timely manner, so I brought them all to my LAST day of work at the nanny job to try to get some on here.

There was a VERY big flag hanging up at church.

We went out to the fireworks with the whole fam.
He has a little better grasp on that flag waving than last year.

Mimi gave Jake his first cotton candy.


Jake and Caroline look so much alike here.
Except for the tan factor.

Excited about the fireworks!

When are they starting??

Doing a little standing practice.

Yay! I'm standing!

Doing a little walking practice with Alyssa Kate.

It's hard to get a good picture of Mimi with all four kids.

The whole fam! And we're all coordinated!
By the way, this is way photoshopped. I took out some background people, moved someone's head from one picture to another, and took words off of shirts. Yay Photoshop!

Aunt Candice wanted Jake to try on Caroline's bow.

Yay! They started!

Oooooooo! Aaaaaaah!

I figured out the right setting on the camera!

Jack likes America too. But he stayed home.

The next day everyone was off of work, so we went to
Mimi and Pop's neighborhood pool to swim.

Hey Daddy! Where'd you come from?

Jake likes the fountains.

Ooooooh... splashy.

It's fun to stand in the pool.

Hey guys! Look at me!

Wes and Alyssa Kate jumped off of the diving boards.
Also, Wes is a vampire.

The true sign of a good time in the pool: wrinkly feet.