Life as a Pretzel

He may not be able to roll over either way yet and can't push himself all of the way up when on his belly, but Jake sure can fold himself in half!

The morning after the last night in the bassinet.

Mmmm... feet.

And Jack wanted me to tell you that he is also a pretzel.

In the Pool!

A few weeks ago Jake and I took the boys to Wild River Country. Jake didn't have a swimsuit, swim diapers, or a float yet, so we just hung out in the shade...

At the Wave Pool

Napping on the beach chairs

Chatting while the boys played

Just plain ol' bein' cute

But TODAY...
We had the float.
We had the swimsuit.
We had the diapers.
We went back to Wild River country.

Are you sure about this?

It sounds cool to me.

Ok. Let's go already!

Let's go!

It took a minute to get the balance right.

And it took three minutes for it to start raining.
But those three minutes seemed pretty enjoyable in the float!

So Jake was happy hanging out under the cover again while the boys played in the rain.

It started thundering and lightninging so we had to leave shortly. Hopefully we'll get to try out the water again soon!

Bath Time!

Granna visited this weekend and helped get some pictures of the cuteness that is Jake taking a bath. It's pretty much his favorite thing to do.

I make up songs during the whole bath so he just looks at me and smiles the whole time. I love it!

Out we go!

And here's a not-so-short video of the beginning of bath time that my mom took. Highlights include:
My mom shifting the camera off his boy parts at 12 seconds
Me singing throughout the video.
His smile/scared look at 1:20.
His face throughout the head scrubbing that I do to get all of his hard dry skin off his scalp.
My mom asking him to laugh at 2:10.
*If you watch nothing else, go to 3:07 and see the super cute cheese monkey that is our son.
The extended eyebrow raise at 3:45.
The confused look at the very end.


I saw this ad on Facebook recently:

Really? I mean, I may not be his biggest fan, but a "game" where you beat up the President? Not cool.

4th of July (Two weeks later)

Hanging out waiting for the fireworks.

Downtown Little Rock

I do exist!

Watching the fireworks.

He really was watching them. He would look up when they were high and down when they were low. And he didn't cry. Way to go Jake!

Jake's Weekend

Jake was busy from Friday through today...

He started out beating up C-man on Friday morning.

Then while the boys were at tennis camp we went to the eye doctor and he got his eyes dilated. (Everything was ok. We were just worried about a wandering eye.)

Friday he made his first appearance on Wii in a music video the boys made.

Then on Friday afternoon, he found his toes for the first time!

On Saturday evening we went out for a picnic at the Riverfront Park with our Sunday School class.

He practiced his new skill.

Today after church, he watched some golf with Pop.

And this afternoon he quickly transferred his skillz from his toes to his toys.

Four Months (and Two Days) Old!

Just like last month, we were driving back from Fort Worth on his "birthday" so I took these on Monday.

Again with the Gig 'em!

Yep. I'm four.

Maybe we won't wear brown next time.


Yo. I be four.

Chillin' with Jack.

Apparently both a dog AND a baby will stare at a dog treat held in front of the camera.