Three Yearversary!

First, I have excuses as to why it took so long for me to post again. I posted the baby news, what, last Tuesday? Wednesday was our third anniversary. I got sick that night after we got home and stayed really sick until Monday (and just some sick since then). Starting Monday through yesterday we stayed at Jon's parents' house to watch their dogs while they were out of town. Therefore, I haven't posted in a while. Sorry.

So, three years ago (last Wednesday), July 16, 2005, we got married! We decided that this year we were just going to go out to dinner and dessert since we have a very expensive present coming in March. We went to a restaurant near downtown and since I was super-full, we went down to the River Market and walked around.

We went across the bridge that goes over the river and got a great sunset shot, not unlike last year's picture, which was taken from below the same bridge before it opened to pedestrians.

Then we went back down and found this awesome statue that I had to pose by, again, much like last year.

While Jon was taking the picture of me, a guy walked up and asked if we wanted a picture together. I hoped he wasn't going to steal my camera. We stood on either side of the statue, in order to pose a funny picture, but he said "You gotta cuddle, cuz you're like, boyfriend and girlfriend." "Ok dude. Husband and wife. Thanks for not stealing my camera." Then we finished off the night going to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert. It was great!

Funny Fact: It seems our friends, the Nelsons did the same thing as us (plus a little more) for their anniversary two days later.

Unrelated afterthought:
Later that night, when taking the prenatal vitamin, I choked on my water which ended up making me throw up, which ended up apparently setting off the "morning" sickness I hadn't had up until that point, which has continued until this current moment. Woo. Hoo.

I Have a Blueberry For A Daughter... or Son

That WAS going to be the title to my post, but I liked it so much, I'm using it anyway. Well guess what? We're having a baby! Woo! Up until we went to the doctor yesterday, I, having used the traditional methods of determining due date, thought I was seven weeks pregnant. There's this awesome thing online that tells what fruit or vegetable the baby is close to in size, and at week seven, it's a blueberry. So I thought that'd be a funny title. (I'm hoping someone out there knows what that comes from.) However, after the doctor visit, I was told that, as of today, I'm six weeks pregnant. Whatever. Now the baby's back to being a measly little lentil bean. Hmph.
After ultrasound and examinations and blood tests and criminal background checks, they have given us the due date of March 6, 2009.* As soon as he said March 6th, I said, "Hey! That's 3-6-9!" I think it's awesome. Shut up. I'll have a little mathy baby. It would be even more awesome if it was born on its due date at 12:15. You know. 3-6-09 12:15! Yeah right. Another day I'll post the pictures of us telling family, but for now you'll have to just be happy with the ultrasound.

I like that the way it's positioned it actually looks like a tiny person. I know that's other stuff in there, but it still looks cool. (It's the little white thing on the left side of the black hole in my uterus.) The tech found the heartbeat, which my friend Alisa told me is extremely rare this early. The baby was in just the right position to get it. My baby already rules.
I've been very lucky so far, but at the same time careful not to brag. I really haven't been sick at all, just really tired. I know it will come back and get me in another way later, but I'm happy to avoid that part at least. Speaking of tired, I'm going to get ready for bed. Good night y'all!

Oh, and here's one of these things:

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

* The number of weeks pregnant I am didn't correspond with the due date that they gave me. They said I was 5 weeks 6 days, yesterday, putting today 6 weeks and me therefore due on a Tuesday. However, March 6th is a Friday. So we're just going with that. That's why the ticker job says 6 weeks 4 days.

Present On My Windshield

I got up this morning and took Jack outside, only to find a golden nugget from heaven on my windshield. This is what I saw. I have taken the effort of pointing out to you some of the best things about it:

Simply amazing. One of the best car windshield flyers ever. And the fact that they put them out overnight! (I found it at 6:45 this morning.) Great job, Glen and Meechy.

I also just noticed the random circular saw blade in the G in BIG. Awesome. Also, if Meechy is the contact person at the bottom, shouldn't his name be in all capital letters with the rest of the title? I bet GLEN made the flyer.

Let's Play A Game - We Have A Winner!

It's called Guess What This Is.

Clue #1.: It is not something that came out of someone's body.
Clue #2: I took this picture in April.

Well, actually two half-winners. Combining Brandie and Jennifer's guesses... it's the pollen that I cleaned off of an outside glass table in April. Very gross.