Chick-fil-a Upcycling Challenge 2017

 I have once again accepted the Chick-fil-a Mom's Panel Upcycling Challenge! Last year we made salad bowls into fun new things (and I was one of the winners!), but this year we had to think smaller! 
We were given the tough task of purchasing and consuming a small bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup from Chick-fil-a. Tough job, but somebody had to do it! (One of my favorite menu items there!!!) 
We were then supposed to come up with a fun use for the bowls once they were empty. 
Pretty much the only thing my 8 year old does is play with/talk about/think about/watch LEGO, so I started to think about brick activities. He's great at following the directions that come with sets, but I thought it might be time to try something harder, so along came... LEGO Challenge Boxes.

 First, I selected the pieces I would use
and hot glued a base plate to the lid.

I then built a variety of structures using only the
bricks in the bowl, then photographed them from the
front and the back, so he could see all of the pieces.
 I printed the pictures out and glued them back to
back, to keep the front and back together. He then
went to work deciding which design to try first. 

 You know he's working hard with the tongue comes out. 

 Trying to figure out what comes next...

 Done! Here's the front side!

And here's the back!
 Then we moved on to the harder box.

 He definitely agreed that these were harder to figure out.

 Since I just printed these on our printer at home, the pictures 
weren't too clear, but once we sat at the computer and looked at 
the originals, he was able to get it. I will print them again at the 
store as photographs and it should work much better!

 That was tough!

 And one of my favorite things about this project is that it's portable! 
He can do it in the car and the pieces are contained in the bowl.  

 And when he's all done playing, the bricks and 
photo cards all fit right back inside the bowl. 
Perfect for home or on the go!

We really enjoyed this second year of the
Chick-fil-a Mom's Panel Upcycling Challenge!
Hoping to do it again someday!