Jake and Jack: 2011 Edition

Jake and Jack. They're more in love with each other than ever. Here are some pictures from this year.

When one looks out the window, the other one has to also.

They are usually on the couch together.

Now Jake will climb up in the recliner
with Jack and say "Take a picture!"

Heading to get the nails cut at Petsmart.

This is the set-up for a trip to Petsmart.

Hugs for Jack

One of my favorites of the two of them ever.

Random Octoberness

A few other things we did way back in October...

Dressed up for Aggie football.

Played with a football

Rode in one of these things for the first time.
And every time after that.

Cheesed after bath.

Watched Daddy rake the leaves.

Played at the park.

Lounged with Jack

Cheesed some more

Tried really hard to get the fridge open

Read (of course)

Told mama to be quiet because the animals are sleeping

Grabbed the closest thing around as a rally cap for the Rangers in the World Series.

Made "train tracks" (?)

...and did the Race for the Cure.


Yes, this is Halloween. Yes, I know it's December.

Jake acts like a pirate a lot.
"I'm a pirate... arrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
So it was the natural choice for his costume.

Granna loves to come in for Halloween.

Our church has a HUGE carnival every year for Halloween. The state fair happens to be just before Halloween, so they are able to get a bunch of the rides that were at the fair. Jake was big enough to ride this year and LOVED it!

First he rode the motorcycles.

He waved at us EVERY time he went by!

When we were at the fair, Jake saw the roller coaster and kept asking to ride "the train". We didn't do it that day, but since it was free at our church, we tried it, and he also loved it.

Then it got cold, so we coated up. And he rode in the Jeeps.

They went really fast and he was having a grand old time.

Again with the waving every time.

Then he touched a sheep.

Having fun is exhausting!

A better picture of the whole get-up.
P.S. Those pretend-a-boots were from my brother's Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) costume, circa 1986. Thanks Mom for keeping everything!

Pumpkin Patch III

The third and final pumpkin patch... I'm almost caught up to November. On the last day of November.

We headed out to our third pumpkin patch
when my mom came for Halloween.

Getting ready to head out to the patch.

Yes. I was there too.


Checking out the patch as we rolled up to it on the "hay" ride.

Scoping out the pumpkins.

I was going to let Jake pick this one out, but they had some
super cool pumpkins, so I did the choosing. I really like
the one I found. I had to pick up probably 40 before I found
one that wasn't rotten. This was a real deal patch. Not like those
"stack-of-pumpkins-lined-up-in-a-row" patches.

He really enjoyed this building/fort
that they had in the play area.

Arkansas State Fair

I may never catch up with blog posts... We went to the state fair. Jake had a good ol' time.

Chillin' on the tractor.

My BFF Sarah went with us.
She was terrified of the giant cow.
As was I.

Jake didn't want to get close to the
cows, but liked them from afar.

Seeing the baby ducks.

Watching the piglets chow down.

And some chicks.

That horse is my size!

Watching the poor baby ducks.
Forced to lean over the drop-off to get food.

To go sliding like this.

The obligatory state fair corn dog.

And he got to ride his first amusement park ride!
He totally loved it.

And we ended at the petting area, where the
donkey, zebra, and camel lived together.
Just like in nature.