Pictures From The Last Two Weeks

These are some of my favorite pictures from the past two weeks. To see more, you can look at my two albums on Facebook: Jake's First Week Or So and Just Jake. I'm now all caught up so I can just post about his awesomeness as it happens.

Snoozing after we got home from the hospital.

Chillin' with dad.

Not so thrilled about his first bath at home.

One of my very favorites.

Montgomery Burns?

Yeah, he can hold his own pacifier in!

This was just funny holding up his three fingers.

Asleep after a trip out.

Having a mother-son chat. He looks very interested.

Hanging out with Uncle Josh.

Funny guy!

My family with the Jakemeister.

Grinnin' in his sleep.

Rockin' the khakis.

He sleeps best in his car seat. Go figure.

Taking a nap on Aunt Candice.

Happy about the khakis again.

He's smiling a lot more now.

Mama said knock you out.

Jack likes to sniff Jake. Always.

"Again with the camera?"
I laugh every time he makes this confused face, and it happens all of the time.

Two Weeks Old!

Ok, so I planned on doing the typical "Take a picture of your baby next to a very large generally creepy stuffed animal every month" pictures, but I forgot until yesterday. So I found my very old Snoopy that used to be my mom's and then mine and now wears a shirt featuring himself. So Jake's now two weeks old and is a very sleepy baby.

I also plan on featuring his very large feet each month.

They're twin sleepers!


The Culprit

When we got the new car yesterday, they cleaned it out before letting us drive off. When I got in to drive home there was an extremely powerful cleansing agent smell. I figured it was just their brand of Windex. I opened the windows to let it air out in the garage overnight, but this morning the smell was just as strong. I was hoping to not have to smell that for weeks. However, when I went to put the stroller in the back, I discovered the culprit. They had left these little "Wonder Wafers" all over the car.

THIRTEEN of them to be specific. (Notice how it says on there "Place ONE wafer under auto seat.") There were three in the back, two under each of the four seats and two under the console. Ridiculous. Hopefully taking all of those out will clear out the smell tonight since I will be driving it tomorrow.

It's A New Caaaaaaar!

I've been watching a lot of The Price Is Right the past two weeks, as evidenced by the title of this post. So I was going to do this post about 6 months ago, but now it's going to be even better. Here's the timeline:
May 1997: Turn 16 years old.
January 1998: Get the 1990 Honda-who-was-never-named for driving to high school.

September 1998: Take picture with Old Honda on some homecoming theme day where we were apparently allowed to dress up as the '50s, but still had to wear our uniforms.
August 1999: Go to college and leave Old Honda at home for the family to use.
July 2000: Brother turns 16 and starts driving Old Honda
May 2001: Next semester of college I would be driving to elementary schools for classes, so I really needed a car. The parents used the money my great-grandmother had given me when I was born to buy Rhonda the Honda - the 1994 edition. I loved that girl!
December 2005: We bought The X, which became Jon's car while I drove Rhonda.

September 2008: Rhonda had some issues at the ripe old age of 14, but was still holding out for me. Jon's parents ever so graciously GAVE us their Buick, as they were purchasing a minivan for transporting present and future grandchildren. They also wanted us to be able to sell Rhonda to help us get the down payment for our house and have a safer car with their grandbaby who on the way. Thanks Sumnerses!

Hugging Rhonda bye on the last night she was mine.

Bertha the Buick hanging out in the driveway in the snow.

December 2008: The Wreck We were down to just Bertha, but Jon's parents again ever-so-kindly let us borrow their other Buick until we were able to get a new car to replace The X. That ended up being three months! Thanks again Sumnerses!
Yesterday: We got a new car! It's a 2006 Buick Rendezvous and I love it! It will be Jake's and my transportation for many years to come. It has a ton of storage space, a huge area in back for stroller, groceries, junk, etc. and has this cool feature where the radio gets louder when you speed up to get on the freeway and softer when you slow back down. Yay new car!

Gig 'em new car! (She doesn't have a name yet.)

Hugging the new car hello.
And look! It even came with a Jesus fish. Yay for saving $4 buying a new one!

Going Home...

Here are a few pictures from going home last Sunday. I'll get back on soon and put up some pictures from his first week home. I have some good ones!

Dressed and ready to go home!

Waiting to be released

Riding out to the car

Let's go home!

First car ride: Tiny baby in a big car seat

This is not necessarily true. He's a really good baby!

My mom made this sign for the door.

Jon's mom made this banner for our porch.

My mom made this sign for the yard.

This is true.

We're home!

And also... he met Jack.

Go Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Doing a little dance

Stretching it out

Favorite position

Two of my three boys

I wanted to get a picture of me and Jake in our green together today but it just didn't happen. Maybe next year. Thanks Mimi for the St. Patrick's Day onesie!

Jake's First Days

I'm finally here! I'm going to break down the past 5 days into several posts. My mom has been in charge of the camera and we have over 500 pictures already. Seriously. So I'm going to start with a few pictures of us during the time at the hospital. If you want to see the rest of these, you can look at the Facebook album I made here.

We're off to the hospital to start the induction. (Jake never decided to come on his own.)

We're ready to go!

Meeting the little man for the first time after he's been partly cleaned up.

Jon watching as he was being cleaned.

The first family photo.

With my doctor. Thanks, Dr. Taylor! (Not that he reads this.)

My mom brought this and put it under the delivery table so that Jake could be born "over Texas soil."

Our greeting from the nurses in labor and delivery.

Jakes wasn't so thrilled to get his full cleaning.

Ah. So fresh and so clean clean.

Hanging out with my clean baby.

About to enjoy our "free" steak dinner that you get from the hospital for birthing a baby.

One of my favorite pictures from the hospital.

Little sports man.

I was snuggling with him right after we found out he was jaundiced and would be going into the sunlight simulator. We were all pretty upset.

Attempting to sleep in the blue light cooker.

The family at the hospital.
More pictures coming soon...

Now: We had to stay up at the hospital for an extra night because he had a sort-of high level of jaundice. They wanted it to go below 11 and after a night in the blue cooker incubator, it dropped to a 10.8. We were told to take him to the doctor yesterday (Monday) to have it checked again to be sure it was going down, but it had gone up to 14.8. They told us to feed him as much as possible and keep him in the sun. Unfortunately, there weren't many hours of sun left yesterday and he was very fussy and wouldn't eat much until early this morning. We had to go back this morning and it was up to 17 and he had lost weight overnight. They then told us to put him in the sun again and feed him every two hours and supplement with formula after eating too. We have done that all day today and he's starting to get a natural color back. However, we go back in the morning and if his level hasn't dropped, he may have to go back into the hospital.
If you're still with me reading this, please pray that he will continue to be ready and willing to eat all day and night tonight and that his level will go down so we can keep him at home where we want him. Thanks for your prayers!