Go Hockey!

I love hockey, although I really haven't watched any in a long time. Back when I lived in Fort Worth, my family and I would watch the Dallas Stars a lot, and we were even given tickets quite a few times to get to go to some games. So in honor of the USA Hockey Team going to the finals at the Olympics, Jake wore his Dallas Stars wind suit today.

What is this thing you gave me?

Let me take a closer look.

Roll, roll, roll your puck...
(The Fort Worth Fire was the minor league hockey team that used to be in FW. We went to their games a lot too.)

Go USA! Go Hockey!

Saturday Morning

It was finally not freezing this morning! Jake's big first birthday party is coming up in a few weeks, and I've started working on some stuff. I wanted to go take some pictures of him for a little su'm su'm that's related to the party. (You'll see all finished products after the party.) Here are the outtakes of the photo shoot.

Look! Someone's walking by!

It's fun to kick the mud!

It's fun to play in the mud too!

Mama, why can't I play in the mud?

Look! Someone else is walking by!
After getting one good picture (and noticing that it looked like someone was waiting to use the field) we headed over to the park for a few minutes, until it started to rain.

He hasn't been on a swing at a park since I put him in one at his six month pictures. He LOVED it! He was laughing so hard and having a grand ol' time.

I always forget I have a black and white setting.

Swings are so fun!

He looks like he's in a bucket.

And then he rode in the police car.


We've been watching the Olympics.
We love the Olympics.

Jack watches too.

We love to cheer on the USA.

We raise our flag high!

We cheer and scream and yell!

Go USA! Go Olympics!

Hurricane Head

I took this picture when Jake was 5 months old and had been meaning to post it ever since then. Jake has a hurricane in his hair. It's been there since he was born. The poor kid is going to have major cowlick problems.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago.
Same hurricane. Just thicker.

Also the front of his hair takes an abrupt turn to the side.
He looked like an old man with a combover when I pulled off his hat, so I took a picture.

My Little Valentine

The First Valentine's Day of Jake

Mimi found Jake this cute little shirt.

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

It's fun to pet the puppy.

It's fun to chew on the puppy.

It's really fun to wear the puppy on your head.

My mom was here this weekend and
pulled out her camera for a few pics.

Granna, what is she letting this dog do to me?

11 Months (and 3 days) Old!

One month left in the first year! I did take these pictures on his "birthday" but was busy all weekend.

11/12 of a year old!


Everybody now: "Hey, ho, hey ho..."

As of late:

He's learning to pull up on things.

Some times are better than others.
(FYI: He still doesn't crawl or roll over or attempt to walk when standing, so we have had an evaluation and he will be starting physical therapy soon.)

Jake enjoyed his first Super Bowl.

He has started pointing at everything.
He also waves hi and bye,
but I don't have a picture of it.

He currently is chewing on everything again.
His top teeth are coming in.

He LOVES making loud noises with both his voice and with objects. This past week he discovered what I like to call his Banshee Yell. It's loud and proud. He also likes banging on things. Like bowls or...

He figured this one out really quickly.
Also, pardon the disaster area behind us.

Just More Snow Pictures

So it just kept snowing...

It was either snowing or raining all day Monday.
And it was HUGE flakes!

It covered everything!

I've never seen someone shovel a driveway!
(I'm from Texas, y'all!)

Jack was intrigued by it.

It got pretty deep.

I wanted to take Jake out and get some pictures, but like I said, it never stopped all day. So I put him in his suit, took two pictures (this was surprisingly the better one) and went back in.

So I put him in his high chair and took
a picture of him WITH the snow.

I let him play with a snowball.

"Mama! My hands are cold!"

This is fun!

So school was out again today, so
we snuggled on the couch this morning.

This is how our yard looked this morning. You can see all of Jack's footprints from yesterday. The snow had frozen solid overnight, so we weren't able to make a snowman. Maybe next year.