Making the Switch

We have made two transitions in the past week. Here are the before and after pictures.

Jake taking a bath in the sink his first week at home. So small.

Wearing his Snoopy towel that was quite big.

This week we moved into the bathtub because his head and booty were hitting the corners of the sink. I decided to include the obligatory loincloth for his future sake. Don't worry. I also got the completely naked picture for my sake.

Little boy in a big tub.

Fitting a little better into the Snoopy towel.

Chubby belly.

Second Transition...

Sleeping at night in the carseat his first week at home. (He wouldn't stay asleep in the bassinet and then was diagnosed with some reflux, so it just made it all easier.)

Waking up in the carseat two weeks ago.
With a vibrating bassinet, we were able to make the switch last week.

Last night. Swaddled so cozy.

Cutest thing ever.

Still sleeping after 8 1/2 hours this morning. (By the way, this isn't typical. It's usually 5-6 hours. We just got lucky last night.)



Good mornin' Mama!

Our Four Hour Vacation

Jake and I had to drive 50 miles to Petit Jean State Park yesterday to pick up D who was camping with his grandparents. I wasn't happy about it, but the drive was really pretty. It was my first time out of town, other than down I-30 for 350 miles to see my parents, in several years. So I documented it.

When we got there D was fishing at a small lake right by their tent.

Jake was excited.

He also enjoyed watching C fish.

There were also geese right by their tent.

They stayed in a teepee the first night.

There were weird frames inside of the teepee to put mattresses on, but they just used blow up mattresses on the ground.

The lake was beautiful.

On the way back to Little Rock, we stopped at a park for lunch. Jake had fun.

Live Action Jake

I'm finally showing a video! When I went to pick up Jake at the nursery after church yesterday, he was very awake and talkative. So while the other parents were picking up their babies, I was videotaping mine. My favorite part is at 37 seconds when he raises one eyebrow at the camera.

Funny Little Pajamas

My friend Melanie found these funny pajamas with cassette tapes all over them. They're pretty cute!


Jake thinks they're comfy.

First School Field Trip

We went with C and his class to their end of year field trip to Pinnacle Mountain. Jake loved it. (Don't worry. He was covered up the whole time except to pose for these pictures.)

He enjoyed some badminton...

...and a water balloon fight...

...but really loved the picnic.


And then he just hung out with the boys back at the house.
Can you guess which one DOESN'T need a haircut?

First Mother's Day

Yeah. This is kind of late. But I'm just getting around to it.

Happy First Mother's Day, Me!

Somehow this is the only picture I have of just me and Jake together on Mother's Day.

Hanging out after eating in the "theater" at my parents' church during worship. (The nursery is being renovated and all of the kids are in one big room together, so he stayed with us instead of going in there.)

Hanging out with Granna.

I think they like each other.

The Fam

The Three Generations

Uncle Josh loves Jake

So does Granddude

The Other Three Generations

This makes my mom look very short compared to the last picture.

Mom and the kids

Hanging out with Daddy


First Trip to Texas!

We went to Fort Worth last weekend for Mother's Day/my birthday/my mom's birthday and Jake met some family members for the first time.

Tired of driving.

Hanging out with Granddude.

Being held by Granna. This happened a lot.

Taking a nap with Uncle Josh and cousin Jigga.

A little stressed about being extremely vertical on the ride in Granna's car to Grammy's apartment.

Meeting his great-Grammy.

My mom not realizing that I also wanted to be in the picture.
(See the top left corner!)

Meeting Great Aunt Emily... or just Emily.

I think she likes him.

Having a chat.

Meeting Great Uncle Jack.

In case you were wondering, we were in Texas.

Hanging out with Daddy.

And meeting "Aunt" Erin. That was a yawn, not a scream, by the way.