I Heart Chocolate

I got the chance to try out new Hershey's Spreads, courtesy of Crowdtap and Hershey's, and I have one word... DELICIOUS!  Everything we dipped in it was great! 

 Animal crackers.... yum! 
 Cinnamon sticks... extra yum!
 Nilla wafers.... yes!
 Marshmallows... very yes!
 And then I had a great idea... graham, Hershey's Spread, giant mallow, more Hershey's Spread, 'nother graham... five seconds in the microwave and...
 Holy Cow.
Easiest Best S'more Ever!

We didn't have any fruit around to try it, but I am definitely going to try some apples and strawberries, as well as whatever else I can come up with. SO GOOD! You definitely need to pick up a jar!