Funny Things 1-20

Now I'm not saying that these are RANKED #1-20, I'm just saying here are the first 20 especially awesome pictures in my "Funny Signs & Things" folder. I'm going to start with signs, or things that are close to being signs and then move on to other funny type things. Here we go...

This is one of the funniest/most random things I've ever seen on the back of a bathroom door.

...and here is a sample of it!


I know you can't read that. It says "Lost Wolf-Looking Dog. See Employee."

Someone at Garden Ridge needs to proofread their signs.

They are excited about their air ride equippedness.

But it says it's ok!

You'd better not get too many!

This was in Las Vegas. Which is in a desert.

This was in a church bathroom.

Poor Dairy Queen was missing a bunch of letters when they put up this message.

Is there some kind of game constantly happening in New York City? I don't understand this.

As if anyone in NYC pays any attention to that.

Did you think about it? I sure hope not!

Watch your soap use.
I wonder how much the $20.00 pass would cost.

I hope your product is ok.

Do not THROW on the bus!

This sign has an exciting assortment of synonyms.

This was in Los Angeles. We really never figured out what it meant.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more silliness.

Some things I've seen

Here are just a few new pictures of random things around me. I can't believe I never showed this to anybody. This is the most random funny gift I ever received as a teacher. At the age of 25. For Christmas. (I found it when I was packing up my classroom and just re-found it when unpacking my boxes.)

Who of you wants to go to Taco Bueno for breakfast? And more than that, who wants Special #7: a bean burrito, some potato type thing, and some coffee? I'll take two!

This was at the Wonder Place that we went to. I just thought it was pretty funny.

Do NOT put your mangled monster child in this seat.

Can you PLEASE tell me that THIS has not become socially acceptable pant level? Please?

The new man in my life

I had a busy first week as a nanny. I spent the whole week (other than Friday) with just the 4 year old. We had alot of fun. Here are a few pictures from last week and today.

Today we went to a super fun play place for young children called The Wonder Place. It has many sections for all kinds of creative play. This was in the cafe, obviously, where they can make fake sandwiches and ice cream dishes.

In the puppet/costume area he told me "This one is a girl because it's wearing a hat."

In the legos/blocks area he found a hat from the costume area.

Back in the cafe. He has the prettiest eyes. You can really tell in this picture.

Last week we went to a toy store where they have craft time for children. Back at the house, we finally finished this tissue paper art. (It took a long time!)

At the Chick-fil-a playground. I couldn't get out of the picture, but this was hilarious.

At the movie theater for the FREE kids movie! If you or someone you know lives near a Rave theater, they have completely free (for both kids and parents) children's movies on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Check it out.

Update: Ok, so those movies are only during the summer and last week was the last one. Check back next summer I guess!

We really kept busy. This was at the preschool story time at Barnes and Noble.

I guess if I have to...

I saw this on my friend Jenna's page. I want a new tv! Ours is about to go out. This website is giving away a tv but you have to post a link to it on your blog to enter. So go here to enter this contest that is sponsored by Best Buy. The End. Hope I win!

A New Breed of Animal?

I was looking for some stuff online that I could do with the four year old. I found some alphabet and number pages, but I came across a matching game. It said it was an animal matching game (like Memory) but when I opened it, I quickly became very confused. Can you help me out here? There is something there that doesn't QUITE belong. Is it somehow related in a way that I just can't think of? I don't understand. If anyone could shed a little light on the subject, that'd be great. (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Prone to Ridiculous Injuries

My friend Sarah was in town at her brother's house. She invited me over. She called and said, "Don't try to pet the dog when you walk in. He'll probably bite you." She didn't mention "Oh, and don't wear flip-flops. They'll also bite your toes off." So I got there, opened the door, stuck my foot in the space so the dogs wouldn't run out, and got my toes chomped down on. It hurt.

Many Many Things

So I've done alot since last Monday. Tuesday morning I left Little Rock and headed southwest. I made a stop through Paris, Texas to see my baby brother. He went to college there and is now living there and working for Young Life. He took me on a tour of the town and here are a few highlights.

This was his "dorm" his first year. This is what I call the living the high life.

We made our way over to the Eiffel Tower where we saw this warning. The only people who ignore it are every teenager or college student who has ever lived in or driven through Paris Texas.

And then we posed for a little photo. Isn't it cute with its little hat?

As I made my way out of town, I got behind a person who was driving very SLW. (See: License Plate)

And then as I made it into Fort Worth, I saw someone who was very proud of their weird name.

Saturday night I got to go see one of my best friends from college, Jenna, who was in town with her husb and kids to see his family. Last time I saw her she told me she was pregnant with her second. Here they both are! They are precious and awesome. Too bad I probably won't see them again until they're at least 1 and 3 years old.

The other big thing was that I started my job today. I am now a nanny for a family with three kids. I only had one today and he was a ball. He's four years old and really funny because he has the same sense of humor as me. He does two things that are most similar to me. He does something ridiculous or silly (such as put a whole cracker in his mouth) and just look at me and say "What?". While putting a huge The Hulk hand on his head... "What?" While making a funny face at me... "What?"
But the funnier thing that he does is something that I do all of the time. Examples would show it best (these actually happened):

D: What's that?
Me: A dime from Mexico.
D: You're Mexico!

D: What time is it?
Me: 4:30
D: You're 4:30!

If it continues, I know it will probably get old, but for now it's funny. I just have him for the first few days then the 9 and 14 year old will get back. I'll keep you updated. Oh and his quote of the day was "Have you ever seen a bird explode?"

I expect the next picture that will be posted to be awesome. My neighbor (with the awesome hood ornament) got rid of his car after the rims were stolen and I said I would miss that hood ornament, but he said he was getting a new one. He described it to me, but I'm going to let you wait and see it instead of ruining it with a description. I'll get it up as soon as it's here.

Two Yearversary!

Well, today was (is) our second wedding anniversary. We went out to eat at a steak place and then went down to the River Market here in Little Rock, basically just to take a picture with a good background. Then we went and got some Shake's! (And no, I'm not adding an apostrophe to a plural. That's the name of the place: Shake's.) What an exciting night!

I saw this weird thing outside a club. Must... take... picture!

The cow in the meadow goes... grr?

Our niece is learning her animal sounds. This is the newest one, although I don't think she quite has it yet. (Sorry about the poor lighting.)

Our Adorable Niece

Since her parents have been worse than me and haven't updated their blog since, say, October, I thought I'd post a few recent pictures of our darling.

This was me with her at her 1st birthday party in January.

Then Jon with her also at her first birthday party.

This was from her Easter pictures this year.

She LOVES Jack and if we're there without him she asks "Weh Ja?" (Where's Jack?) This is her trying to grab his nubbin of a tail.

Here she is modeling the outfit her parents brought her back from Hawaii. My friend Sarah says this should be the cover of a magazine.

Then Sarah said this should be the back of a magazine.

And doing a little hula dance. (With her mom/Jon's sister in the background.)