Eat Your Veggies!

Despite his attempt at persuading me with his bib,
it was time to start veggies.

So we put on the giant plastic bib to avoid his
super cute clothes and bibs getting stained.
(Yes, he eats in his swing. We don't have a high chair yet.)
And off we went...

It was a success!
Yes, Mom, I know you don't like food-on-face pictures.


  1. That plastic alligator bib is the biggest bib I have ever seen. An adult could use it.

  2. You might try using the Bumbo on a table as long as you stand or sit next to him while he is in it. For little guys just learning to sit, I have found it works the best for feeding. And the best bibs are the bumkins. They are a waterproof fabric and are great. They are a little pricy but you only need one or two as they are easy to wipe clean or rinse off and they dry quickly.

    Glad the solids are going well.