6 Months Old!

Jake turned 1/2 today.

He is 1/2.

I'm 1/2. You're not.

Taller than Snoopy!

And at the request of Mimi and everyone at her work...
Here is an updated picture of Jake's foot.

We celebrated Jake's 1/2 birthday with 1/2 of a cake.
(By the way, I'm VERY bad at icing cakes.)

That had 1/2 of a candle.

He was ready to go after that cake.

Happy Half Birthday Jake!

Recent activities of Jake:

Holding, grabbing, and eating his feet at all times.

And eating his hands at all OTHER times.

Oh, and also eating everything else.

He recently discovered he has functioning fingers.
He's enjoying that discovery.

I've been reading to him since he was born, but now he seems to really be paying attention to the books, wanting to touch them and grab the pages.

He finally plays with all of the toys on the exersaucer.

And reaches for things too.

Although he's not big enough for the doorway jumper...

doesn't have any teeth...

and can't sit up or roll over...

He can stand for a few seconds when leaning against something.
Go Jake!


  1. How fun! I loved the 1/2 cake! What a great mom!

  2. You were right. I love fractions almost as much as I love primes!

  3. You are so creative! Where do you come up with this stuff? Half a cake? Did you make the onesie? Jake is so sweet in nursery. I waited until he fussed for like 1/2 a second then I grabbed him & held him as long as I could. Such a cutie!

  4. I never seem to cease to be amazed at your creativity. Needless to say, (but I will anyway) Jake is such a cutie, or as Pop would want me to say, he is HANDSOME!


  5. Love the 1/2 birthday as well as the 1/2 cake...I might have to duplicate! He is going to skip sitting up, rolling over and crawling and go straight to walking!