The End of an Era

A week and a half ago I ended my job as a nanny. All three kids are now in school, so they no longer needed me. I was their nanny for two years, one month, and two weeks. I've done a lot with the boys and had a pretty great time.

This was D and me our first week together.
He was 4 years and 3 months old.

C & D in our first month. Ages 4 and 9.

We also went to Chuck's.

That fall I took D to the pumpkin patch.

That winter the boys stayed home one icy day.
(And I had to go to their house anyway.)

This was the single most recalled moment of our two years together. We mentioned it all of the time. "Hey. Ashley. Remember the time I squirted yogurt all over myself... TWICE!?"
(He was eating a Gogurt and his hand slipped and it went all over him. We cleaned him up and he immediately did it again.)

Things changed a little. Here we were almost exactly two years later back at Chuck's.

And all of us. They boys are now 6 and 12.
Yes! Their sister, B, does exist!
And yes, when we were all together we were A, B, C, & D.

And finally. The classic. My favorite thing from the whole time.
This was when he was four:

So what now? I'm substitute teaching until I can find a real full time job, probably teaching. My sister-in-law, Candice, and a friend from church, Erica, are taking turns keeping Jake while I'm working, which is so much better than a daycare. If I can't keep him myself, what's better than family and friends? Nothing.


  1. Thanks for the update!!! So I'll be praying for the next course to be blessed for you my dear sidey for life. So thankful for your fam and friends to watch Jake!