I Love Old People

I only wish that I'd shown up at McAllister's tonight about 20 minutes earlier so that I could have listened to more of the couple at the table across from me. They were absolutely hilarious and adorable. They were probably 70 years old and appeared to be on a date (not married) from their conversation. Here are the highlights:

Old Man: (sits back, finished with food, watching Old Lady)
Old Lady: I wish I could eat faster. I don't have my bridge in.

OM: (hands OL mint wrapped in white wrapper that comes with meal) Do you want this?
OL: What is it?
OM: I don't know. Maybe a lozenge?
OL: (opens mint) Oh, it's a mint. I don't like mints. Do you want it?
OM: No.
OL: The only kinds of mints I like are the square pillow shaped ones. They're really soft... That's the only way they can ruin chocolate. By wrapping it around a peppermint.

OM: (stands up to help OL with jacket) I'm not rushing you.
OL: I'm still chewing.

OM: (helps OL put one sleeve on of her jacket)
OL: I can't find the other sleeve.
OM: (grabs OL's arm and pulls it up at a rather awkward angle to put it in the sleeve)
OL: Put the sleeve down. It's too high!

They were so funny! I would love to work around old people, if it weren't for all of the dying. So many of them are just so funny!


  1. Its not really an "adorable" story about an old couple that I saw today, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I saw this old couple, probably about the age of the couple you were talking about today rolling in their car around Paris. But let me tell you they were definitely "rollin". They were in a Chrysler 300 with big chrome rims on low profile tires. And they were both grey hairs, and her hair was huge! Just thought I would share that story with you. If I would have had a camera I would have totally sent it to you!

  2. do you guys know what you're having? are you those crazy not finding out people ;-) is there a name? details!!!

  3. I love babies. Your's in fact! Ready to meet that little boy!

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