Happy Hallowirthday!


It's also Jack's 2nd "birthday"! He is enjoying his new toy with his super-evil eyes. (I assigned today as his birthday when they told us he was about 4 months old in February when we got him.)

Thhhbbbbt! I'm a teenager now!

Earlier this week, we (and by we, I mean I) carved a pumpkin. Much better than my last attempt.

And today the boys and I decorated cookies. This was before they lost their minds and possibly lost trick-or-treating by their mother.

And tonight our niece enjoyed her second Halloween.

And finally, Jack wants to send out a special Happy 2nd "Birthday" to his girlfriend, Roxie. He's glad they share a fake birthday!


  1. I enjoyed the retelling of the cat attack story. Well done.

    Also, Roxie had a very happy birthday. I just sent a picture message to you with her wearing her present. What did Jack get?

    Also, do you remember what that sticker we stuck on her said?

  2. Yeah, I guess that is pretty fuzzy. The sticker says "Mango".
    And Jack got that thing he's playing with in the picture. It's a very sturdy rubber ball that kind of bounces when it hits the floor but should stand up to him chewing on it for a while. It's a great quiet fetch toy.