Just The Facts

Baby Gender Day is Friday! Time for The Big Vote! Here are the facts you may consider before making your decision.

The last 6 babies born in our Sunday School class were all girls.
The 6 girls due between now and March in our Sunday School class are all having boys.
Our baby has two cousins: both girls.
Both Jon and I come from families where the girl was born first and the boy was born second.
Alyssa Kate refers to the baby as a boy.
My grandmother refers to the baby as a girl.


  1. The weird thing is that you will think that you will care about the gender of this baby, but when he/she gets here, you really won't care! I must say that my vote is: boy.

  2. My guess is boy too! We all initially have a preference, but are thrilled either way when we find out! It's fun to start calling them by their name...any names yet?

  3. I CAN'T STAND THE WAITING!!!!!!!!! I don't know why. I'm so excited either way. I NEED A PRONOUN! love ya girl!