Someone Else Agrees!

I realize this was something that happened 8 months ago, but at that point in time I wasn't blogging regularly. This past Easter (or more like day after Valentines) I picked up my first package of the year of Cadbury Creme Eggs, aka Best Candy Ever Invented. I opened the package to enjoy my first one and immediately noticed that it felt smaller. Luckily, since I bought so freakin' many the day after Easter on clearance last year (as I always do), I still had some left over. They had dropped from 1.37 ounces to 1.2 ounces! That's a 12.4% drop in weight! What?! I talked to some other people who enjoy the CCEs, namely Sarah, and she was with me. I thought we were alone, but little did I know that around the same time BJ Novak from The Office was right there with us:

BJN on LN w/CO 4-4-07

He says almost the exact same thing that I just said. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hordes them. Here is the important freeze frame from the episode:


I wrote to Cadbury to complain as soon as I realized the difference. I never heard back from them. Probably because they got millions of other e-mails. I investigated and saw this picture of what the Cadbury website used to say:

They have now changed it to this:

Why has the size of the egg changed?

As the world's largest confectionery company, Cadbury Schweppes is committed to developing great-tasting products that consumers love. Since people's preferences vary from market to market, so do our products. This is reflected in the broad variety of sizes and flavors of products that we offer our consumers worldwide.

If you're eating a Cadbury Crème Egg in the UK or Canada - nothing has changed, they're the same size as ever. However, in the United States, our business partner, Hershey, elected to reduce the size of the crème egg.

Cadbury Eggs remain a consumer favorite and continue to be an excellent value. We apologize for any confusion or misleading information.


So they're blaming Hershey's. Hmph. Still mad. Anyone else with me or are you thinking that this is way too long ago to still be complaining?


  1. ha-HA! Vidicated, at last!