Favorite Pictures Part 1

I wanted to post just a few of my very favorite pictures that I've taken. I'm going to do this in a few parts. Part 1 is my favorite pictures of nature that I've taken. It was hard to just pick a few, but I manged. I don't have a super great camera yet, so these are the best I could do. I've done a post before about my pictures of the sky, but here are a few more other parts of nature, starting with probably my favorite sky picture I've taken.

This was right after Hurricane Rita came through Texarkana. The sky was amazing.

I was getting gas one day in Arlington, TX on a very busy street and this little family of ducks came crossing the main street and then headed here down the side street.

The sunlight on this one really made it come out very well.

This is the most unique flower I've seen. A bunch of them bloomed in the bushes across from our apartment in Texarkana both summers. I'd love it if someone could tell me what it is.

This was on a field trip to the butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth when I taught first grade. My student wouldn't move out of the way of the picture, or it would be better.
At the US Space and Rocket Center (where we took our students to Space Camp) in Huntsville, Alabama. I really like the moon in the background of this old rocket.

Beautiful clouds from a plane.

This was last fall on a garage on a house by my old school. I just thought it was really pretty.


  1. I didn't take a picture on this Hallowirthday. I was only home a few hours that day. The jelly bean one is my favorite, too. I also really like the diagonal stripe one with free forms.