Favorite Pictures Part 2

These are some of my favorite pictures I took of my students when I was teaching. They are in chronological order, starting with my two years of first grade then moving to my two years of fourth grade.

This kid was a clown, but one day he just couldn't stop laughing and I managed to capture it.

This was on pajama day and we were playing Around The World (flashcard game) to pass time. They would always have their fingers ready to add or subtract. (These were also my two favorite students of all time.)

I just really like the sweetness of this picture during our Easter egg hunt.

I was proud of how well this picture came out. It was my end of the year shot of my favorite class I ever had. (In all four years! :))

Just a sweet picture of two of my boys reading together with their beanie babies my second year.

Almost all of my girls were front-toothless at the same time.

This was on a field trip to the Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth. They seem to be really interested in what they were looking at.

The perspective and colors in this Field Day picture are really fun. They had gotten their hair spray painted and were showing it off.

I turned around on the last or next to last day of school my second year and the whole class was doing this. It was so cute and hilarious.

The fourth grade field trip to Shreveport where they were learning about the Solar System.

I love this picture! It was on the way to Space Camp when many of these kids were seeing the Mississippi River for the first time. They have such great faces.

Crazy Sock Day! (They waved on their own initiative.)

Reading outside in the courtyard.

I like his look of awe at the model shuttle.


  1. Way to catch You Know Who's (Harry Potter reference) daughter in the courtyard.