I'm Innocent, I Tell Ya!

Here is some of the evidence of my innocence in the last year or so. I'm a perfect dog! Ask anyone! (Except anyone I live with or go visit. They'll lie to you.)

"No, I have NOT been ripping off parts of the papasan chair! This little piece of wood came from... somewhere... else..."

"No, I did NOT eat most of a popcorn bag. Even though you found this left in my chair. And even if I did, everyone could use a little more fiber, right?"

"No, I did NOT pull that wrapped up thing out of the trashcan and tear it into tiny pieces! This was here when I walked in the room!"

"No, I did NOT kidnap a pair of socks for the millionth time! Someone gave them to me!"

"No, I did NOT take a pair of socks! Seriously!"

"I think you should look over there for the culprit."

"I'm just taking a nap over here. No trouble going on."

"Can't you see I'm innocent? Leave me alone!"

"No, I did NOT try to eat a battery. This bright red place on my tongue is from something else. Not battery acid!"

"Oh, and while were on the subject... A few weeks ago, that was NOT me who pulled the credit card out of Dad's wallet and chewed it up. Nor was it I who then chewed up the new credit card the day that it came in the mail. I have no idea how that happened."


  1. Good enough to make me laugh out loud and have my mom ask me what this was.