Yep, I Made That

I'm going to a thing on Friday night. We're supposed to bring a dessert or food. I always pick dessert. I had to make it tonight since I'm taking two teenagers to a concert three hours away tomorrow night. I've made a pumpkin cheesecake before, but this time I wanted to make a Halloween themed one. The white is a small bit of plain cheesecake, the orange is pumpkin cheesecake under that, the web is chocolate, and the spider is chocolate with a whole bunch of blue and green food coloring mixed in. I'm pretty proud of it. There are a few places it messed up because the bag I was using to do the icing busted a hole so it caused some extra lines where there shouldn't have been. Oh well. At least I used my pie plate that I forgot I had for the first time.

Up close of the awesome spider:

And then I had some extra icing to go along with the extra batter and decorated those as well:


  1. Wow, you are sooo talented!! I love the spider!!

  2. Wow! Awesome cheesecake!