Stupid Teenagers

I took some teenagers to a concert the other night. I got paid to do it - it wasn't by choice. First I'd like to say how glad I am that I am not currently a teenager. They're weird. I know we were weird, but I don't think we were as weird as they are now. At least I hope not.
So you know how for many years people held up lighters at concerts when they were "rockin' out?" Well, unfortunately that awesomeness has be replaced by stupidity. Apparently they now use the open cell phone to sway back and forth during slow songs.

It was cute when Jim Halpert did it at Phyllis' wedding on The Office. It's not cute when several hundred teenagers did it. I'm sorry the video moves so fast and it's not very clear. I thought I was moving slower, and hey, it's a camera, not a videocamera. Cut me a break.