Catching Up: The Rest of July

I'm going to try to catch up to the present with a few posts of just a few pictures each of everything we've been up to since July (which isn't a whole bunch anyway...)

Snuggling up with the blanket that Granna made him.

He was saying "Thanks Granna!" when I took the picture.


There's a church here with a big indoor playground.

We went there several times this summer.

This was the only reasonable quality picture that I got.

Just coming home from a day out,

with cup in hand and "pack-cat" on his back.

We went to a bouncey place.

He really liked just lying down and letting others bounce him.

He climbed up one all on his own, although reluctantly.

Then slid down on his belly.


And one day he looked like Steve Urkel in his pjs.