Fort Worth: Et Cetera

Last of the Fort Worth pics. Finally.
Yes it is October 19th. Yes, these pictures are from almost four months ago.

The day after the wedding, the fam came over to visit before they all left town. Jake was playing trains with my aunt Emily.

Trying on Uncle Jack's sunglasses.

All week long he kept moving the barstools around.
They make a great train track.

My feet between my old man dad and old man uncle's feet.

That window has always had shades and a curtain, but it was open, so Jake enjoyed looking out into the backyard.

He's almost outgrown the playpen!

The super old school monitor that we use while there.

Having fun with Granna.

Cheese monkey.

Teaching Granna about Bubble Guppies.

Reading with Grandude.

My mom stopped by the dentist for a few minutes.
Jake is considering early retirement.

Just a little reading in Grandude's office chair.