Fort Worth: Tuesday and Wednesday

Jake and I stayed a whole extra week after my brother's wedding, so we had plenty of days to fill. Tuesday morning we went to a park, but it was about 600 degrees outside, so we didn't stay long.

There were a bunch of slides.

Granna really enjoyed the playground too.
(In fact, she did everything there, but I'm being
nice and only posting this one picture.)

Jake tried out the spring duck.
Granna stayed close so he wouldn't break his teeth.

Hello in there!

He had a great time chasing a squirrel.
He got really close a few times.

Granna rode the merry-go-round.
I don't ride those things.
Haven't since about 5th grade.

See how bright red our faces are? Way hot.
P.S. This park was built on what our family refers to as the Field of Dreams. My dad coached my brother's YMCA baseball team one year and this was where they practiced every week. Now it's mostly park.

Wednesday we decided to participate in indoor activities.
We went to storytime at the library.
This was the monkey bumping his head.

The Hokey Pokey

Then we headed to the mall and there
happened to be a crazy puppet lady there.

Jake got to meet the dragon.