The Daffodils

On Friday, the three of us all headed out to this church outside of town that has a huge field of daffodils bloom every year. (I went there two years ago too when my camera was new.) It was a fun day. I tried to limit how many pictures I put on here, since it's basically all the same thing, but it was hard to find where to cut some. So I spiced it up with the captions to hopefully keep you hanging on.

We packed up the wagon and headed out.

We had Jake's first not-just-lying-there-in-a-carseat picnic.

I had originally bought this sweater for fall pictures,
but it worked for this day instead.

Oooooo... flowers!

Happiest guy around!
He sticks his tongue out all of the time
when smiling now. It's pretty darn adorable.

It's fun to play swords with daffodils.

This would have been cute if it wasn't for the lens flare.
Darn you, sun!

I actually like this picture of myself. Jake's always cute.


Jake and Daddy

Kisses for Daddy

Happy Easter everyone!

"And God said to the people..."

The fam

It's fun up here!

See that redhead kid hiding in the flowers? I had to turn around and say "Are you just going to stand there?" and he squatted down. It was funny.

I love this kid!

My hair is all up on his head.
Otherwise, I love this one.

Wagoning in the flowers.

Hi people! I love my wagon!

After we left, we stopped by a little inlet I saw by a lake.

I was trying to get a good picture of him.

Jake was more interested in touching
all of the paint chips out of the table.

He thought it was funny.

His hair was blowing in the wind!