To the Pumpkins!

Our church offered a chance for moms to bring their kids to the pumpkin patch for free. So we signed up. We were supposed to be there at 8:45, which meant we needed to leave by 8:15. I accidentally set my alarm to GET UP at 8:15. I woke up at 8:10, brushed my teeth, got clothes on me and Jake, and got to the pumpkin patch by 8:47. Impressive, huh? I fed him in the car really quickly before we went in.

He was glad we got there on time.
First was the pig races. I'll post that later. It was greatness.

Next was the hay ride.

Jake's cousins (aka the nieces), Alyssa Kate
and Caroline, were there too!

Yay hay ride!
The pumpkin patch is also a Christmas tree farm.
Thus the background.

Hay ride? No big deal.

Then we went to the petting zoo where
no animals were petted by Jake.

You could feed the goats. We didn't.

Then... to the pumpkins!

So this is this pumpkin thing you've been talking about.

You want more pictures?

Big almost-sitting-up-on-his-own guy!

Standing with Mommy in the baby pumpkins.

This was the best picture we got of the three cousins.
It's hard to keep Caroline still.

Just hanging out with some pumpkins.
If you see all of the bodily fluids on his face,
that's what I was dealing with the whole time.
Ruined several pictures.

My favorite.

But Little Boy Blue was asleep in the hay.

Hay! I mean hey!

It's cold out here!

Are we done yet?

An hour after we left, his cheeks and nose were still pink.