And Sleep Prevails

Two nights this week I was feeding Jake his food and he fell asleep in the middle of eating. The second time I got it on video. (Sorry for all of the food on his face. Also, I'm alternating carrots and bananas because he likes to gag on the carrots. If I give him bananas first, though, he won't gag as much. I'm one of those people who eats one food at a time, so I feel bad for him when I do this.)

He still had quite a bit of food left.

He then fell forward against the giraffe, leaving the lovely dent in his head that you see here. So I leaned him back to finish his nap.


  1. That is too cute! Alexis did that for the first time this week. You might need to put him down for a nap earlier! (or is it bedtime)

  2. i LOVE the mono'd overalls!!!