Jake's First Days

I'm finally here! I'm going to break down the past 5 days into several posts. My mom has been in charge of the camera and we have over 500 pictures already. Seriously. So I'm going to start with a few pictures of us during the time at the hospital. If you want to see the rest of these, you can look at the Facebook album I made here.

We're off to the hospital to start the induction. (Jake never decided to come on his own.)

We're ready to go!

Meeting the little man for the first time after he's been partly cleaned up.

Jon watching as he was being cleaned.

The first family photo.

With my doctor. Thanks, Dr. Taylor! (Not that he reads this.)

My mom brought this and put it under the delivery table so that Jake could be born "over Texas soil."

Our greeting from the nurses in labor and delivery.

Jakes wasn't so thrilled to get his full cleaning.

Ah. So fresh and so clean clean.

Hanging out with my clean baby.

About to enjoy our "free" steak dinner that you get from the hospital for birthing a baby.

One of my favorite pictures from the hospital.

Little sports man.

I was snuggling with him right after we found out he was jaundiced and would be going into the sunlight simulator. We were all pretty upset.

Attempting to sleep in the blue light cooker.

The family at the hospital.
More pictures coming soon...

Now: We had to stay up at the hospital for an extra night because he had a sort-of high level of jaundice. They wanted it to go below 11 and after a night in the blue cooker incubator, it dropped to a 10.8. We were told to take him to the doctor yesterday (Monday) to have it checked again to be sure it was going down, but it had gone up to 14.8. They told us to feed him as much as possible and keep him in the sun. Unfortunately, there weren't many hours of sun left yesterday and he was very fussy and wouldn't eat much until early this morning. We had to go back this morning and it was up to 17 and he had lost weight overnight. They then told us to put him in the sun again and feed him every two hours and supplement with formula after eating too. We have done that all day today and he's starting to get a natural color back. However, we go back in the morning and if his level hasn't dropped, he may have to go back into the hospital.
If you're still with me reading this, please pray that he will continue to be ready and willing to eat all day and night tonight and that his level will go down so we can keep him at home where we want him. Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Praying for Jake to bake! You're doing a great job Mama! He'll be alright! I know exactly what you're going through though- NO MORE HEEL PRICKING!

  2. Congrats! He's beautiful! I love the pic of the Texas soil. Too funny!

  3. Okay, he is sooooo cute! I agree about your favorite picture in the hospital of him. It needs to be framed, or make it to the fridge. ;) I hope he is still wanting to eat. Poor guy probably feels like all he does is eat. lol You look great Ashley! Glad Jake has come.