The Culprit

When we got the new car yesterday, they cleaned it out before letting us drive off. When I got in to drive home there was an extremely powerful cleansing agent smell. I figured it was just their brand of Windex. I opened the windows to let it air out in the garage overnight, but this morning the smell was just as strong. I was hoping to not have to smell that for weeks. However, when I went to put the stroller in the back, I discovered the culprit. They had left these little "Wonder Wafers" all over the car.

THIRTEEN of them to be specific. (Notice how it says on there "Place ONE wafer under auto seat.") There were three in the back, two under each of the four seats and two under the console. Ridiculous. Hopefully taking all of those out will clear out the smell tonight since I will be driving it tomorrow.


  1. I'm so excited for you getting a new car! It's so fun to drive a new ride, especially one that you & Jake can be comfortable in! Glad you found the smell!