I ♥ My Roomies!

I lived with some awesome girls in college. We had fun back then:

With Tottie the Tater Tot from Sonic back in the college years.

Gillian lives in Katy, TX and Erin lives in Fort Worth. Three years ago Erin and I drove down to Katy for Gillian's shower. We were excited about her baby!

Then two and a half years ago we went back to visit baby Leelah!

We haven't seen each other since then (except I see Erin a lot when I visit my parents). Then they both came to my shower! We went to Erin's apartment afterwards and continued the pointing picture tradition with me in the middle this time.

Then had to do one with 2 1/2 year old Leelah!

I love you guys! Hope to see you both soon!


  1. i think that's hilarious, ya'll pointing at the lil girl! love it!

  2. Great to have such good friends isn't it? I love all the pics, old and new.

  3. Cute idea with the pointing tradition. Always nice to have old yet great friends to be with no matter how long it has been since you've seen them. Probably seems like no time has passed when you see them. Except that some of your tummies are bigger, but you know. ;)