Babies Don't Take Showers!

Last weekend (not yesterday) we went to Fort Worth for my shower at the church I grew up in. Here are probably way too many pictures...

The traditional Baptist girl church shower table... cake, nuts, colored mints, and punch...

...with an added bonus of a diaper cake made by one of my BFFs, Sarah Brooks, who couldn't be there but sent this greatness.

The cake up close.

The so-creepy-it's-cute sugar baby with a... backwards head?

Me and my momma aka Granna (I think that's the name she's finally settled on.)

With my aunt Emily

With my awesome roomies from college, Gillian and Erin!

I handed Gillian my camera to take pictures of the present opening and she started to have fun. Starting with a picture of Erin...

Then just my big belly...

Then her "artistic shot" which her husband says just looks like she's falling over when taking it. I like it Gillian. Don't let him say that to you. :)

I was excited to get my swing!

And obviously very excited about this book that builds a rainbow with ribbons as you turn the pages.

My mom always gets creative with presents. Here's the bag she made.

It's five presents in one!

The bags spelled out Jake's name!

The bags had three animals that match the bedding, a dalmatian ("because every little boy needs a dog"), and the adorable JAKE nameplate that she made. She also got the 6-piece crib bedding set, the crib mattress, the baby book, and some other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Gillian had the same idea as my mom. Each letter went with one gift. J for Jake's name plate (below), A for Album (photo album she made), K for Kleaning (she said "Just go with it" - it was the thing for cleaning baby stuff in the dishwasher), and E for Eating (a bottle). Genius, Gillian!

The precious name plate Gillian made!

My mom also did a great job wrapping the giant present from my Grammy.

It was the stroller/carseat!

The nursery decorations we got.

The clothes. I LOVE the little vest-and-tie business and the plaid shirt with corduroy khakis.

The LOTS of blankets!

The LOTS of stuffed animals and toys.

The useful stuff.

The shower was really fun and I love everything we got. However, we're still lacking a bunch of the really useful stuff like newborn/0-3 months clothes, sheets, towels/washcloths, etc. You know. All that stuff. If you feel like buying us something check out the registries. They'll tell you what we still need. :)